The Relatable

There is that incredulous moment in time where somebody out there is relating to my blog so they lash out at anybody in reach just so they can hear their own voice and try to poison they way that other people think. They react like there are a million people reading these words or one of these entries are being scripted for a Hollywood movie but in the reality these words are written to help me cope with life and relate to one or two beings. There are those that try to shame me into not living this course I set off on living because they fail to understand their own existence so they try to come down on lil ol me. I am not buying it nor do I give into bullies. The fear that drives them to be rude and inconsiderate is the same fuel that drives me to speak my truth.

Lacking Human Decency

Maybe I don’t have to worry or maybe it is all I can do. Didn’t you ever want to help the world in learning to love equally instead of this diseased reality we insist on living? Any time the decision is made to sever anybody, anybody at all from this reality justice needs to be served.

Life is What Happens

Life is what happens when you close your eyes? or open them? Maybe it depends on how you are looking at them. Are you looking through them like nothing else exists. Or do you open them and bask in the World and life around you? I can’t decide which. I like the¬†assumption that is when…