Owning Oneself

Why did you disrupt the timeline in the manner that you did then ran away before even paying the price? There is always a price to pay didn’t you know? So I paid it and I will have no qualms about choosing to do so again. I know who I am and what a breathe for. There is no entity of being out their that can ever sway me or make me lose all control. Well never to that extent again and not in the way they need me to be. I think I have evolved more as a person to continue believing all that.

Authentically Yours

I am just a girl who is in love with the world, no longer afraid of her voice, her reflection not even her own shadow. Hate me for loving this body that I am confined in. Instead of destroying and vandalizing my body and my name I will become a beacon a safe haven for others to do the same. I dare you to live differently at least take a chance. Make your life worth it before we are out of breath from our last dance.

The Virtuous Value of Self Worth

Think about everything we have been told along the way and try to dissect what tidbits of information you find to be most important.  I think back to the time when my son was taking his first breaths and I was told how important it was to teach him to self sooth. Staring at this…

Set Yourself Free

For as long as I can remember I have been told by somebody what to do. Everybody has an opinion that they feel is more valuable than your own. The idea that maybe you know how to release your secret potential is foreign for so many. We weren’t raised that way. We were raised in…