Things I am Unlearning

Or this sideways annonymosity that they think we all can’t see. Holy barfaramma Bat Man you need to get a life! I see you over there being all green for all the things that make me me. I don’t hate you for being you for any reason I want us all to be successful in this game called life. C’EST LA VIE!

To Feel It

I look for it in everybody. Yet it is something I have only experienced once. That magical time you find yourself in the company of a star crossed soul you were destined to meet. In their company you can be anybody and you can achieve anything because it is in having them close that you finally feel complete.

Like Childhood Whispers

Is it just me or do we all need to gravitate towards who we once were. And not just anybody. The person that we were before the World taught us not to smile, how not to be happy. We were told from such a young age that you better grow up to be somebody and…

To Love Yourself First

Let’s talk about love. The type that is unconditional, knows no limits and is infinite. Even in your deepest darkest hours true love still exists. It doesn’t escape us when we forget to feed it, no. It looks for us in the corners of our mind that aches for compassion and a simplistic way of…

Sticks and Stones

Somewhere. During some time we have all yearned to be popular. Whether it was having the most likes, or having the attention of the most popular kid in school there was something we were all searching for. Something that could only be validated from another. We were conditioned long before we could walk to seek the…