The Journey to Self Discovery

The journey to self discovery is something that so many of us tend to ignore.  We think that we are getting somewhere because social media is telling us so but nothing can be further from the truth. How can you understand yourself when you are being convoluted and led astray. You can’t deny the facts….

Who My Dog Believes Me To Be

This is love this is adoration. This is the only opinion that should matter. Our pets know all about us. Our movements. Our thoughts. Our feelings. They are rare to hold grudges and most of all just want nothing more than our love. They don’t care if one eyebrow is missing our your lipstick is smudged. What matters to them is you made it home and for them that is their little piece of heaven on Earth.

Look At Me

When the time to finally take a look inside of ourselves is finally here will we look at what relects back onto us and like what we see? Do we cringe at what we have done or will be doing and the thought of those actions we lose site of those consequences. In a world…