RIP Sweet Cinnamon

I hate that she had both back feet in the grave before you decided to give her away? What I want to do is scream in your face and ask you WHY? If you hated her so much why couldn’t I have her earlier? Why did you keep her only to profit off her death and make it so her life was somebody else’s problem!!! You didn’t even give her a treat in the 8 years of her life. Lord please help me now with forgiveness because this anger is making me so blind. I want to reject everything it means to be human because I can never think that way. As much as I wanted to run as she was dying I had to stay. Death came around me twice this past week now I am wondering now is it my time to pay?

Proud Words

The proudest words I have ever heard come out of a grown man’s lips now has also become the saddest. “That tree right there I took from my Daddy’s yard and I planted it right there so he could always be here.” That huge tree staring at us from his kitchen window is probably his most valuable possession because of what it means. So I cry.

Time Stands Still

It’s in the quietest moments of the longest days that I miss you the most. In my exhaustive state I long to collapse in the arms of my lover. Sheltered from the elements of the World who prefer to erode my calm state. Content in their own misery away of being harbouring the ill intentions…

Your Smile Will Forever be the Last

I saw you the other day. Well I not that that is an possibility but that same smile that you used to wear, well I saw that smile today. That childlike wonderment and amazement that captivated every room.  You had this air of self confidence that projected onto everybody but I recognized that broken smile….