On the Run

I never wanted to damage my son but what I am allowing for his father to do to us and him is more than I have ever wished or even wanted to have to wade through. I am not a dumb c*nt who is deserving to die. I don’t want to do the world a favour and let life slip me by. To hear these words that are said in front of my son makes me want to leave forever, always staying on the run.

His House, His Rules

Telling me being a vegetarian is annoying and inconvenient to excuse buying McDonald’s everyday is just making me insane. My son and I always enjoy our pasta, salad and veggies so it is impossible to be just me. I know. I got yelled at last night for some dirt on the counter from a cat knocking over my plant. This is where I eat he exclaimed as I stare at his crusty socks on my counter. In the middle of the counter right below his god damn shoes. But I can’t say anything can I. His house so his rules.

Narcissistic and Obsessed

My husband always says how lucky I am to stay home with these animals like I should be kissing his feet or something. He doesn’t understand the need for personal goals. He doesn’t understand the frustration that sets in when it takes 4 hours to write a blog piece because I am always running up and down the stairs. That no sooner as I sit down either the cats are fighting, the dogs are barking or our son is screaming for the channel to be changed.

Pro Wife Tips

“Pro wife tip let the dishes pile up so you have something to do the next day.” I am all about good natured ribbing but not like this an not when there is no affection tied to it at anytime.

For Better or Worse

I am tired of existing alone in this house of chaos while he sleeps. I wonder how much longer I have in me to stay in something that is neither better or worse or just is. Either way I can see how he respects me in that in itself is something very hard to ignore.

Reach for the Stars

I talk about life, my life and even though there are some ups and downs this has been by far out some surreal moments or passageways revealed to me. Plus Miss Galaxy is crowned tonight!!! Did you know this was my 9th pageant? Tune in on facebook tonight….

Just a Housewife

It has to be me. I must be manic. My preconceived ideal of how marriage exists doesn’t exist at all. It was never even real to begin with. Growing up I remember my mom doing more traditional women roles and my dad was just ol hard working man. On weekends he would be doing your…