A Squish of the Cheek

There is an honor that comes in just being here and being able to experience this moment so no matter how trying it is I am not ready to even think of letting go. Than the truth comes in and thatcan never be taken away from me that when thus moment of time is ready to it will just split us apart and take this moment away. How I long to experience that moment between divine and forever eternity I am too scared of the living but I am more scared to let go. Can I just be fabulous for one more moment in the presence of those who loved me most? Can they breathe the life of youth one more time right back onto me I will settle for one more hug and a squish of the cheek before they go.

The Land of the Living

I want to return to the land of the living. Before cell phones and WiFi and technology. Before things became more important than people. And even before people worked themselves into oblivion, desensitized from the outside World. We erupt into violence when the vast majority fears for their own safety. Humanity being compromised every step…