Youthful Ways

To the aging widow who sits alone wondering where her youth has gone and when her next visitor will be. Remembering the parties and moments filled with lust as you danced long into the night in your lovers arms and would even steal away a kiss. As the days blend into nights you long for simpler times that used to make sense but now you listen to the clock tick as you wait for your last breath. Nothing prepares you for the former image that you used to be as you reduce yourself to dust that no one longs to come and see. I hug from a friend or a kiss from a loved one never quenches the fire in your heart of where your youth used to be. We move too fast to an existence that will never matter one day to the person we once were or the dreams that made us believe we could one day be.

Many Hats (or Hands)

The right team is crucial in anything in life that we do and that includes all different types of the family dynamic. Remember if you are doing the right thing in life you will never feel like you are working. Being kind to the hand that feeds you is harder to do with sore cuticles and ragged nails believe you me. After all these years I still remember both of my Grandmother’s hard working hands and how I wish I could hold them just for one moment more. If only I knew the grace that comes when being kind and how I wish we would all do something more.