The Calm In Isolation

We become scared to dress, scared speak, scared to live and scared to just be. I used to avoid certain places out of fear of being beat down. I understand the fear bestowed upon the bully I feel like I lived forever that way. Forty years of experience has taught me one thing. You never get scared of just trying but maybe still have fear from the sting.

Be The Person

Be the person you were born to be before they took away your smile. One minute you were living carefree an the next minute you were a bundle of nerves too scared to breathe or open your eyes.

Fixated On The Grey

I became fixated on my grey hair today. Not because I am scared of getting old or think I am less beautiful for them. Just as I was rushing past the mirror with my son wrapped inside his towel I was reminded just how fast life seems to be. My eyes welled up with tears as I thought about this moment and how quick it will come to past.

Please God Wake Me

I wake up covered in blood and wipe away my tears. It’s not me I tell myself it’s the disease. Looking around I hope that my reality has changed. If you could wake up anywhere where would you be. All I want is to somehow be back in the 90’s. Nobody understands me here. Fitting…