Life Carries On

The creation of life is nothing short of a miracle yet we never identify it as being such a way. Think about it. Where once there was nothing there now grows somebody with limitless potential and faith. We grow another being safe inside our womb almost like magic beginning to create.

Like Puppets on a String

We drove animals to extinction laughing every step of the way. He did horrific things to people who looked different then us. Yes we can prove life and everything that surrounds it with science but you have to let your mind question the bounds. Push through the limits of your imagination. If you can conceive it there is a chance we can achieve it. That is what makes me most terrified of mankind.

Build You First

When you have little to no confidence in yourself other’s can take advantage of you in a heartbeat. You allow it to occur because you feel that at least negative attention is better than nothing. That too is also SOOOO beyond the true way you should be feeling. You should enjoy your company. Your very soul demands it. You can’t miss out in filling your own love tank first.

Correcting Our Course

Nothing happens for no reason. Even the things that at the time make absolutely no sense. It is a course correction to live your life differently, to count your blessings and move on. Life was meant to be lived and loved and you can’t do that if you are gripping hard onto the past.

The Price to Living Free

Imagine living an existence so privileged, so entitled that your only claim to fame was when you dropped out of your mother’s crotch and took your first breath. Some lives are just that way. There is no thought or reason to why. It is more kind of like my parents knew a guy who also knew a guy and our family was the first one to own a blank (insert whatever here)

Through the Eyes of a Child

Our children are our greatest gift and the biggest travesty of all time is when we fail to shelter them from all harm. The most we can hope is to empower them with knowing how valuable their existence is to become.

Closer to the Secret

To the Dr who saved our lives. Thank you for the living legacy my gift to leave to the World.

Raising Hope

There is a reason why we say the rich get richer because they do, at our expense. They want us to live in poverty forever buying off the dollar menu because if we deprive our bodies we will eventually deprive our mind and souls so it will become far easier for those that be to keep us controlled.

Precious Moments

I saw this meme this morning that kind of made me laugh. Then it made me feel sorry for the way the World is. Who we have become. The meme in question was about how it was Friday and the best part was going to Blockbuster with Dad. That was one of the best parts…