A Cat by Any Other Name

There is not too much that cats take for granted our an experience that they may miss. They live life in abundance after humans came along and took everything away. We ripped them away from their families to share with them their youth then throw them to the shelters when they are middle aged. The greatest honor I got to witness this past year was when I got to hold my sweet Lucy as she was met with death. I would hold her in my arms forever again if I could just nuzzle my face in her fur. She was my best friend and I still cry when I think of her. There is not much I wouldn’t do for even now when she has moved so far past me I can’t hold onto her anymore. A cat by any other name is still my heart. I can’t believe where once she was mine, without her here I believe I may just fall apart.

Going to the Dogs

What a day to be alive. We are all told to stay put in our houses. Only go out for essential services. We some of the World complying the other half is holding up their middle finger taunting this virus and the people who exploit to show us something real that we can hold on…