For Shame Ladies

Then I stumbled upon this status, “Wait so a bunch of predatory online pinup pageants popped up and are popularity contests and you pay to enter? What pyramid scheme bs is this?” Maybe it was the clear ignorance of the above quoted statement (I did take this word for word), a lack of participation in their on-line presence or just plain troll like behaviour but sleep evaded me after that.

Stay Tuned (The Best is Yet to Come)

Coming of age in an on-line era is not for everybody but is something we all most do. Where once we had social gatherings to comfort us like blankets we now have had to leave our dependency in the sow seeds behind glassed doors. My Dad always used to say don’t put your eggs all in one basket spread them around.

Let’s Turn to Recognition

In our growing on-line communities we need to find a way to keep our youth safe as well as our newcomers. I propose a Pin-Up style Resume to serve as validation to others that we are a real human …in a world of catfish you never know.

Lemon of The Day

The moral of the story is to still believe in yourself like nobody else is going to because nobody else is. I can not explain to you what I great honor it was to be crowned the first EVER Miss Lemon of the Day. I love this title so much because it represents positivity and hope and it shows that my community believes in me and sees me that way to be recognized as their top squeeze xx

Nightengale’s Don’t Believe in Fairytales

There are lots of reasons why it should always be ok to believe in magic and in fairy tales. If we are all made up of energy derived from a single cell wouldn’t it mean that somewhere in the four corners of your mind you can imagine the possibility of both coming true. Why not…

Pin-Ups a Representation of All Woman

Sometimes you got to dig deep and have a little hope and a lot of faith that somewhere along the way you will feel a sense of purpose. Sometimes we try so hard to impress other people or live to other people’s expectations that it becomes almost impossible to find any sort of happiness.  That spiral…