Love of True Self

Out of everything we are and will be, being authentic is crucial for the salvation of ones soul. Think about it. How do you feel when you are being ignored? The same rings true for when you fail to honour yourself, your light, your dreams out of fear what others might say.

Vuja De

Emotions when heated spread like rapid fire and spread across many. Many more than we can ever imagine at an impact we couldn’t foresee preparing for. With history bound to repeat itself we have better learn by our mistakes. One to live more honestly and the other to do what it takes.

The Calm In Isolation

We become scared to dress, scared speak, scared to live and scared to just be. I used to avoid certain places out of fear of being beat down. I understand the fear bestowed upon the bully I feel like I lived forever that way. Forty years of experience has taught me one thing. You never get scared of just trying but maybe still have fear from the sting.