The Scandalous Woman

The only person who should be able to hold your head underwater is yourself. You know your shame and your dirty secrets and you know what is at stake. To empower another human being with that kind of information is like sealing your own fate. I would rather walk this life along than beside somebody I hate.

A Woman Scorned

There is nothing as terrifying as a woman scorned. Nothing lingers longer in the air either. You can always tell which two birds have had a fight cuz never again will their feathers settle the same way again. They will become quick to outburst while crying tears of “oh poor me” never letter their guard down for a second.

Enjoying Your Experience?

What will happen to us when we fill ourselves up with superficial emotions and nothing that could possibly withstand the hands of time? What is it that we are all searching for that keeps us miserable and unhappy?

All Alone

Did you ever walk into a crowded room and not even one person turned their head. Nobody looks up to even notice you and if they do it is to say hi to the person who walked in behind you. Even though I am surrounded by so much life I feel like my existence here is taken for granted.

Build You First

When you have little to no confidence in yourself other’s can take advantage of you in a heartbeat. You allow it to occur because you feel that at least negative attention is better than nothing. That too is also SOOOO beyond the true way you should be feeling. You should enjoy your company. Your very soul demands it. You can’t miss out in filling your own love tank first.

Which Nacho’s Are You?

I took what I had and transformed them into something new. It only took a few minutes more. What I am trying to say is if we spend just a little more time making something great you might just sing a lil different tune.

Feeling a Whisper

“Said woman take it slow. It’ll work itself out fine.” Everyday is just a step towards eternity. I don’t want to run to fast to get there out of fear of missing out on something incredible along the way. I feel moved by the lives of others that tried to live their lives differently

In A World So Cold

The way we ignore those who are in desperate need like their ailments of the heart are trivial or superficial, a waste of time in most eyes. I am dulled by this experience. Horrified of what I feel. Even looking up is a chore. Dizzying at best.

Where Legends Go

As the rest of my family begins to stir the promise of a new day is right upon us. With the curtains being pulled aside to embrace the life that each new day brings I will leave the legend for another day. A day when time stands still.

Find Your Silver Lining

I wish I could have seen the error of my way and started anew half a life time ago. I am so scared of not being able to become who I was meant to be because I wasted so much time.