Annoying is the Word I HATE Most

You can’t win if you don’t play and you can’t have fun if you refuse to play. Be the reason why ONE person smiles today and all those who fade to grey who say you get on their nerves. You don’t need them. Why would you? We are beautiful just because. Another day above ground to dance with the living. I will light a bowl to that just because!!! Put yourself out there. Give life a try. Cuz you know sooner or later my love, wouldn’t you know it we are all just waiting to die.

In Their Eyes

When did we stop caring about what they thought of us? Don’t say you don’t because the world wouldn’t be like this. We would all be better humans if we lived in their eyes.

The Awakened Heart or the Fired Up Soul

Think about what we think we want or what we know we want or just spiritually what ignites our soul. We think we want that new puppy or that promotion but we aren’t really able to see past our own nose. We forget that there will be training involved to ensure said pup doesn’t ruin…