The Naked Truth

My naked truth is I am tired of pretending to be somebody that others have me out to be and I am definitely tired of living this corporate lie. All things will be changing in a blink of an eye. I am putting aside all my big corporate purchases for the next 6 months. Focusing on what will reward me going forward for being loyal and well informed. It is so much more than signing up to peddle a product, this is my belief, this is my life. The monetary rewards that I may obtain in doing so I am feeding back into my community. I want to love on those small business that show me love so I can help feed their souls and their communities. Why buy a cheap tawdry piece of plastic made in a factory out of China or I can purchase some lovingly formed epoxy made by a soul on fire. This is my dream and how I want to begin living my life. Feed the hearts that feed mine so we can begin to heal in the process.

Heal to Live Again

I am tired of watching those get shunned for asking questions trying to understand the purpose and place that is their life. I am thankful for my voice and the opportunity to express it even if it only just resonates between one or two. I feel that deep inside of all of us we can be the voice of reason and change if only what we had to say stopped falling of deaf ears. We just need to find each other amongst the chaos so we can heal and live again.

The Truth is Out There Isn’t It?

Do you feel that you are free to explore a life free of limitations and social pressures or do you feel this constant threat and pressure to always “fit in”.