Who Am I?

So who am I? I am just a mom of an incredible little being that I couldn’t imagine having to live through these horrors like so many children on Earth seemed to have experienced. I am tired of living in a world where we can excuse bad behaviour away. I will not sit here and take it anymore what would be the point in being able to stand up and shout anyways!! CAN YOU HEAR ME OUT THERE BECAUSE I CAN HEAR YOU!!! I wont let the bad man take you, come grab a hug and get warm. I promise we can get through this together.

The Bogeyman

I don’t know what type of human could want to hurt another being in this way. to take another to the brink of extinction while having your perverse fantasies filled along the way. To look into the eyes of children and want to steal the light from their eyes. As a child our parents are…

Honour Thy Neighbour

My husband always tells me I can’t change the world. That may be true but I refuse to remain complacent in it. It is so easy to just take a deep breath and walk away. I could. I am not directly connected to all this. My mom and dad were always safe in their childhood and I believe they had no knowledge of what was happening in residential schools. When a whole country is left oblivious to the level of genocide that the powers of be committed it is up to us to pick up the moral pieces and find a way to heal.

Tragically Ablaze

My husband says I am too gullible and I fall too easily listening to other people’s tales. He tells me I care too much about our Indigenous communities and that I watch too much true crime. What happens to my soul when the two World’s intertwine? To RoyLynn and Marlene I will find a way to start making things right. You are still Warriors out there just for now you are out of site.