Loving On Ourselves

I know for me the closer I float towards my true authentic self the less I worry about the opinions of those that hate on me. I learned a bit ago that hate didn’t look good on me so if presented with this I quickly move along and go on my way. One thing is for sure we weren’t meant to be loved by everybody but maybe if we could begin with loving on ourselves the world wouldn’t be such a scary place.

Happily Married or Just Unhappy

I never thought the person who hated me most in this life would be my husband. This single fact makes me long to take my last breath. I already feel this great shame because I have failed as a daughter and now no matter what I do I have failed as a wife. When I…

What Became of the Living

We are doing the same things with the other inhabitants of the Earth. Evil doesn’t want to share the gifts of the Earth. The self righteous mind will do anything to keep others at bay. My mind tirelessly looks for the pieces that may come together and try to make sense of what became of the living that now lies broken some extinct.

For Better or Worse

I am tired of existing alone in this house of chaos while he sleeps. I wonder how much longer I have in me to stay in something that is neither better or worse or just is. Either way I can see how he respects me in that in itself is something very hard to ignore.

Paying for the Sins of Humanity

I don’t want the sins to continue washing over me or the generations to come. I want to start making up for all the wrongs so I can change the hands of time. I want our legacy of humans to be something beautiful and tranquil. I don’t want those that will eventually inhabit the Earth to look at our remains with disgust or sorrow. I want them to recognize our compassion and empathy for all those living on Earth.

My Conscious Mind

I am guilty of trying to keep everybody happy. I will dwell on scenarios and circumstances trying to determine exactly where I went wrong. For somebody desperate to be loved it seems I do exactly what is necessary to drive others away and you may say I have perfected this habit. In the desire to…

The Communist and the Girl Gang

WE take for granted so many blessing in this World thinking that we are entitled to more. Thinking like this absolves those beautiful souls that lives were amounted to nothing. Just like so many people are subconcisouly doing today.

Fake Friends Part Deux

When most girls were crying over boys I was crying over my best friend writing “baby killer” in red paint on the school wall. She must have got great joy watching me crumble at her expense. I want to trust so badly but I have to be careful at what level I allow somebody in.

The Descent

I need to recede back to who I once was when times were simpler. I was never meant to follow with the masses burying those in our wake who didn’t conform to our ideology. I think if I wouldn’t have fully understood that I was never born to fit in maybe the whole transition would have been easier.

The Toxic and the True

Some people are so thick in there own shade that they just want to sit there and criticize anybody who’s voice may differ from their own. Judging by the reaction of these mediocre mice one would say that I hit the query on the nose.