You! Ya You!

I am tired. I try so hard. My whole existence has been spent in the shadows. I long to come out. My heart is bursting to be free. I wonder if anybody will notice me or if I am destined to always feel like this. Two days in a row my husband’s dog has ruined…

Can We Ever Make Amends?

don’t see how we have made any progress. We have those who force their opinion down your throats and if you don’t agree with what they say then you are the devil. Everything you do is blasphemy in their eyes. How can this be? All I care about is trying to repair the grievous fractures in our timeline.

Nothing Else Matters

We are oblivious to each other. And nothing much matters and I don’t think any space of time sadly will ever change that.

Lost Dreams and Words Unsaid

I can’t get enough of that sweet little girl, Anne Frank. Reading her words and bringing her dreams once again to life breaks my heart because I already know the outcome. We know she existed because she left her words as our gift.

World At Our Fingertips

These days there is not too much in the ways of intellectual conversation. My son is 3 and everybody else only communicates with me by showing me their love. There should be surprises that I have found a way to acquire my farm without even having to leave the city limits. In fact my husband…

The Tiring of My Mind

To say I am lost is an understatement when half of you is being kept underground. So if that living half of me is such a disgrace does anything I do make sense? If I have nowhere to go into eternity do I float free, free of thought?

In His Eyes

He can see the things that my eyes have been scarred from he is my heaven sent. For him I will do anything including figuring out where all my dreams went. In his eyes I can be anything and I need him to believe in himself too.

Feeling a Whisper

“Said woman take it slow. It’ll work itself out fine.” Everyday is just a step towards eternity. I don’t want to run to fast to get there out of fear of missing out on something incredible along the way. I feel moved by the lives of others that tried to live their lives differently

Correcting Our Course

Nothing happens for no reason. Even the things that at the time make absolutely no sense. It is a course correction to live your life differently, to count your blessings and move on. Life was meant to be lived and loved and you can’t do that if you are gripping hard onto the past.

The Grace of Life

The shift that we are all faced with can either pull us away or it can unite us in ways we can not even fathom. You either see it and you understand it or you become oblivious for all the World to see. At first it comes with a cloud of uncertainty that begs us to read between the lines. It never ceases to amaze me though how little thought we put into the grace that is life.