The Bleeding of the Compassionate Heart

In the wee hours of the morning where my soul is awake it is hard not to seize the opportunity that has presented itself.  Especially now when the emotions are highest of most people in the Northern American hemisphere.  We are so corrupt by nature it would seem almost impossible for us to digress into a nation with a compassionate heart. How can we go back to a way of being that was never there in the first place. We were never a country based on multiculturalism and freedom like we want the World to believe. I remember in grade school there was a time when we would cite the lord’s pray and acknowledge the Queen. She was in fact in the front of every school. Then she was gone.

Of course all of learning was white washed and based because those are the ones who had the financial backing to infect our schools. Racism and hate was taught in our schools when they watched the segregation occur at such a young age. Dig back further and you can see my father’s generation being told not to speak their mother tongue or they would get whipped. They were made to believe that anything other than the whitest of white skin was a sin. They gathered any Canadian of Asian descent and put them in concentration camps as they waited out the war. If we are going to point fingers at those elitist few. Let’s point all the fingers. We never talk about the public beatings these students were humiliated by. My culture, my history lost because of these incredible forefathers that made our country great. As we scrutinize further we can see just how awfully built this country was. So many heated arguments, unnecessary violence that will feed this feud going forward until there is no man, woman or child left standing. We are doomed.

There is no winning this cultural war that we are in because it goes against all of our natural instincts of survival. This is not living when you watch humanity crumble in more ways than you ever thought possible. There should be no retaliation when it comes to violence and hate. Why feed sins to the sinner. You think they care about the anguished cries and blood spilled in the streets. These are the same men who were raised by the countries biggest bigots. Did you ever ask yourself how it is all this racists tyrants found themselves living amongst each other? Like beings enjoy each other’s companies. It wasn’t the opportunity to explore a new land and become prosperous. It was really a sh*tting contest of who can have the best pile of money when we are done. How many bodies laid at your feet in order to be successful? These are the men who built our country so why is it that we feel that only these families should be our salvation. They have had hundred of years to stand up and make it right. When you are lead by fear it all seems so fake. How can you believe the wolf in sheep’s clothes when there is no other sheep in sight?

I like the vibrations at this time. So much peace and serenity that it becomes easier to hear your own words. It used to feel eerie being up at this time of night staring across the street looking for any sign of life. We all want to be a hero at somebody else’s expense. It has and will always be easier to follow the masses then to make your own patg. There is a lot of fear in standing solo. Even more so in the rain. The downpour of hate and evil that threatens to evade every crevice and pore is right in front of us. Threatening a landslide of epic proportions. At times I fear the chaos that is about to ensure but I am calmed with the idea that maybe that is what we all need. An epic mudslide to carry out the filth, revealing a beautiful new World and ideology for us all. If we were born to stand out then why are we all just standing in one place? How can one man one race make us feel inferior to life? How can they instill so much fear in such peaceful loving beings that a mother has to fear who it is her child might come into contact with. Not this virus COVID but this other silent killer, hate. Hate fuels all of our rage and makes us become people we never though we could be. In the absence of love we can’t help but be controlled and manipulated grasping for air as our heads are held under water.

So here it is. I am up and awake processing a million thoughts all into one.  The idea that any one of us could possible deem ourselves above another is insanity to me. Remember that is the definition of insanity. To do the same thing over and over again trying to get it right with no actual changes being done. Humanity is stuck in the same vicious circle that has been the heart of war for centuries. The start of a cultural revolution is when one like body group imposes their thinking on another. When will we learn that we have to honour the thinking path no matter how disturbed it is. When you suppress the thinking there is other recourse than an eruption. I am not saying it is ok to engage in any sort of activity that would make another being feel inferior or threatened. But even crazy should have their chance to speak even if it is in the form of a straight jacket and a rubber walled room. We should all be focused on the natural rebuilding of our own psyche in order to properly navigate through such a whirlwind of emotion. I am not condoning violence and hate. Just the opposite. If we each took accountability for our ability to feel compassion maybe the World wouldn’t be such an intimidating place.

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