Day 7: Random Act of Kindness

Question: If an act of kindness happiness happens in the wild and nobody is around to capture it does said act of kindness even occur? Said another way if we don’t get recognition for our said good deed does it mean we were never good at all? Or is it enough that our soul knows what we did and that is the only recognition we ever need?

Is there anything lower than taking a homeless man lunch or giving him your pocket lint change only to take a picture with said man in his worse life state? a moment in time he has worked his whole life to forget only for you to use said picture to make it seem like you were their savior, their hero. A captured act of random kindness does not in fact a kind person make. In fact it would see the opposite. The person that needs the recognition is more than likely guilty for so many other sins against nature and you can’t deny what I mean. A daughter who just recently found out her dad murdered 8 prostitutes was shocked by the allegations because he was actively involved with his church and would do anything for anybody, up to and including giving the shirt off of his back. In the end he was guilty as they come believing that if he could convince those closest to him then he has won the game. Ego and pride are not characteristics to be proud of. Your light does not have to infringe from another in order to light up the night sky. In fact when more than one star works together there can be nothing that shines as bright. We have all heard the saying don’t judge a book by it’s cover. In fact it takes time to truly absorb another’s misgiving and intentions. Not everyone is good who pretends they are and you don’t have to lie to attract good people. Good people are attracted to you unconditionally no matter how much you make, what you look like, just your proverbial bottom line.

Being kind is always in style but long gone are the ones that we can not see. There is a reason for those not seemingly so random acts of kindness turn our stomachs when they catch us off guard. They set off our senses especially when female because who hasn’t been gifted by somebody random by somebody that gives them the creeps. I never thought this way until somebody I thought was a friend got set off by my random act. It was one yellow flower sent to cheer her up after a break up with what she claimed to be a narcissistic friend. Those that cast the stones to shatter the structure of another female ally is truly no friend of you are I. A real lady wants your star to shine bright above the heavens and not have other scorn your name. She almost came undone, hysterically, online thinking that this was proof that somebody was out to get her. One gesture from a kind friend set off should have been all the indication I needed. What we fail to remember is what others pick up on and what they exude is a direct extension of their internal being. You are either good or you are bad but you don’t linger on the sidelines. You can’t pick the day you let your evil reign vicariously and tuck your angel away. But we do. People do. People can walk into a party and take the lives of all their friends then stand up in front of a judge and jury and say, “well yes jury and judge I did kill those people they were mean to me. They were so mean to me that I could not focus on anything else. I had to do it for my own sanity.” Then their defense attorney will scamper around looking for random acts of kindness to show the room that his client is in fact insane. That this was completely out of character for him. In a world where death is perceived final we should truly learn to mind our own business. To be held accountable for your own actions even the ones you committed while insane. There are no random acts of kindness that can fill the void in any ones heart when the ultimate sin is committed. That is why random has to stay random and can’t be waved like a flag in front of us.

A random act of kindness has to be something unexpected and catch the recipient completely off guard. It has to feel good to both parties because what is the sense of doing anything that is going to be offensive to another and is something so unnatural for you to do. It can’t be something that will end up hurting you in the long run either. In the rarest of circumstances there will be an act so great that there is no way any human will ever be able to pay that act back. Acts aren’t made to be paid back but paid forward. Pass on the good deed with a smile on your face and a song in your heart. It is as simple as paying for the coffee of the car behind you, helping out an elderly neighbor or doing something else completely at the spur of the moment for another human being. This world has definitely been a challenge this past year and a bit but look at us still hanging on and surviving. My decision to put myself out there was so that others who feel like I do would feel like they aren’t alone. The challenge of life is to find your own balance. To move through existence like sands in an hourglass capturing time. No matter how long we live for we run the risk of not tapping into the rhythmic pulse that we find only during our time here on earth. At times those feelings happen so fast and if we blink we can miss them that is why it is important to recreate all the random acts of kindness that are out there to find.

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  1. Ruby, The Universe, Karma, Divine, call it what you will, but whatever you call it, it knows, so does your Heart and Soul, and that Ruby is ALL that matters. If no one turns round and says Thank you, it matters not (you will have a Long wait from some people on that score). You know Ruby.


  2. No Ruby, your friend should not have kicked off at you, it was an act of Friendship and Respect, and no, making sure that you have photographic evidence or proof about these “Random” acts is an ego boost. You do not need to broadcast it to the world, well, normal, good decent people do not, we do it, because it is the right thing to do at that time, which is why most, if not all of my “Random” acts are in a one to one (dm, email, message etc), very dl or QT,very. if they then do something for someone else, or hell, even me, then that is all that matters, but if they kick off, or go public with their act, then, well, I tried Ruby, I tried to make a difference in someones life.


    1. With snow in the day its going to be impossible to give Bubba a parrafin mani so racking my brain for ideas. I was thinking of going to pick up garbage but we will see how much snow ❤❤


    2. And if the fails we will run off and hug some trees. I love thanking them for existing and for all that they have seen 🥰


  3. With bad weather like you have there, doing stuff outside is hard work Ruby, it really is, add to that the Lockdown, that cuts out even more things to do (such as serving dinner at an old peoples home or homeless shelter) and thanking the Trees is always a great move (takes one to know one here), but yes limited with what you are able to do.

    Were it warmer or dryer then I would say pick up rubbish, or maybe start a community garden project, getting others involved in planting or growing food or flowers, but again, you have your weather to think about. Maybe plant a tree or two in early summer in the local park maybe. If I think of anything, I will dm you.


  4. Ooooo just thought, and this is Right up your alley here, perfect for you lol. I Love this idea, and well let me know what you think.

    So you do a charity calendar for what ever local charity you want to, “Ruby through the Year.” 12 pictures taken with you dressed up and etc for the month to suit the month, April (Green Paddy’s day), December Mrs Ruby Claws (Xmas), September Ruby Harvest Ruby, March Planter Ruby or Easter Bunny Ruby, you get the idea.


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