The Corruption of Power

Quarantine life is driving me crazy. At least I think I am going mad. I don’t understand why it is so hard in the year 2020 to get a handle on a disease that doesn’t seem as lethal as say AIDS or the opiate crisis (which we just seemed to have forgotten about anyways).  If masks works why do we need to stay distant? And if we aren’t wearing one we stay away. Or you do like me and just keep doing what we have been doing since this started back in March.

Maybe I am staying sane and the rest of the World has lost it’s marble. The President wants to do another election by mail. We all remember the years of conflict that ensued with the Russians after. That means a new President wouldn’t be sworn in until at least 2021. If we can make an app for COVID hotspots why can’t we make an app for the election. Can’t paper trails and electronic paths be just as corrupt as any other avenue?

My summers used to be surrounded by other’s. Volunteering, Pageants, Travels, Good Times and now my greatest adventure is whether or not my parcel that I have been waiting for 4 months has arrived (it still hasn’t). It’s not like I can be too upset. All I have to do is think of all the parcels that were potentially delivered by horseback and I realize that the evolution of time has been kind in some areas. Are whole lives have been relatively easy when you consider the lives before us. At least our veterans who fought in the wars did it because they fought for our freedom. They had no idea how perverse the world would turn when too much power was given over to man.

You see it in all the little ways we conduct our business throughout the day. All the ways we ignore our surroundings and gravitate towards the outcomes that we deem to have the most worth. Look at how we put the most value into those that have used our children as prey. The ones with so much wealth that they know all they have to do is wave it under a nose and most will comply no matter how twisted the demands. That is how we perverted humanity. We took a race that was happily working the land and providing for themselves then all of a sudden hard work took a back seat. Evil crept in. Still minds go rotten as we can see now in how they treat others.

What is socially acceptable amongst the elite disgusts the modernized civilian to it’s core. You can see the drive to fame infect all those around us. Why is it we want to move through life feeling numb and not trying to appreciate it more. Every time we turn around there is more blood on our hands. It is always the innocent who pays the price because we would never notice the guilty dying off. In fact maybe we would. It would give us another excuse to throw our hands up in party. It would never happen to me until you are the last one standing dying the most painful, horrible death. If you are the last one standing and you were lucky to not catch what everybody else had you still lose. You still die alone with nobody. So many people don’t care about that. If you are in a crowd of a hundred and everybody dies but you what do you think happens to you? From that moment you will spend each and every day mourning the loss of those you miss. You have no life even though you still breathe. The haunting memories of where you could have taken a stand will be the only purpose to your life. You have no purpose. You have no life.

If life were meant to be lived in isolation there would have been measures put into place to ensure that.  Oh to be the praying mantis and bite the head off my mate after intercourse. I would love to believe that most of the world’s problems are handed down by our men but as we can see right now happening in the media that isn’t the case. What is this perversion that tells us sex is what we all must gravitate towards. That in life we will always be measured in how many grotesque ways we can get our rocks off. Why are we so driven to this madness of sex? I am not against it in any means. However like anything when we misuse it for our own personal gains we usually end up getting it twisted and hurt. Kinks only come into play when you overuse Vanilla. It’s like hot sauce. If you are like me you enjoy the heat. You add more spices and flavour and look for the most intense one. All of a sudden you find it and your tongue is raw and you have a ring of fire that ruins it for you for awhile. For awhile…usually over time you forget and the journey starts again.

In a world where we know everybody’s business at what point do we decide that enough is enough. How many times can we listen to the cries of the tortured and turn a blind eye. Do you not feel anything when you hear an innocent life was taken? That this is the same fight we have been fighting since the first aging white man decided to have his sick twisted ways with an under age child. What kind of brain tells us this is normal. They don’t care about the feelings of the child or probably even the physical feel of sex. What they get off on is the tortured cries of a child screaming for help. They like to dance around what is normal trying to convince us that this is their fate. That their sick twisted thought patterns should be honoured. What mother in their right mind wants their child’s first time to be with a fat pervert?

This is where quarantine has gotten us. The World has gone crazy. In only 5 months we have been shut down as a nation. We have seen crazy (but necessary) riots in our the streets of our neighbours. Our future has been robbed of innocent beings that could have had an impact on the world. Racism is not only alive but it seems to be the backbone of the US. The President can’t even keep a good tan or toupee which is absurd to me given all the access he has. How can we trust anybody that is ok with the world looking at him as the orange faced demon he has become known as. As we continue to sit over in America’s waiting for the rest of the world to capitalize on our demise. We are the parasite from within. Turning our heads when it gets to hard. Allowing those to be victimized over and over again by not accepting their truths. The devil walks amongst us and it is in every face that we have ever trusted. No your enemy and no your truth. Stand up f


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