Created Equal

You know what is missing from the world? Acceptance. When was the last time you truly felt like you fit in? For me I have always had this suspicious feeling that on average I am more kept around out of another’s sheer loneliness then another’s first choice. Come to think of it I usually was the last kid picked for any team sports in school. That is when they used to do picking with two captains. I am not sure what schools look like anymore. I know in today’s world everybody gets a ribbon. I understand the importance of ensuring that every child feels value but look what over inflated ego’s have done. When I was young and it came to winning you had to work your butt off and be focused brought your best game. Even the “losers” amounted to somebody’s after graduation. You either get the fire lit under you are you are doomed to walk the streets. None of this hand holding and codling like it is going to make a difference to them either way.

The world now is so incestuous with it’s rumours. Everybody has this mob mentality when it comes to turning over every stone. We want to know our enemies. We prey on their every moves. At least we can if we wanted to and for most of us we are only a click a way from our ex’s fiancĂ©’s cousins cousin trying to interject ourselves into a life that wanted us gone. And the world has become so violent. If we don’t like somebody or something we want it dead or gone. Not everybody. Just enough of bodies to make the world scarier. I have troubles imagining the type of mind that truly believes their existence is worth more. I thought more people would be willing to sacrifice their lives in order to save a stranger. If you saw a burning car with a mother and child do you try to save them or do you watch them burn? There is no escaping death although everyday we try. We do it with medicine and science and any other perverted way we sit. It usually comes at the hands of another’s life.

Which way are we going and exactly how far can we advance? Who is it we are trying to save knowing that we can’t even save ourselves? We go and we go and go taking everything that catches our eyes as we go. What used to be so important is no forgotten. Buried over layers of history and memories and so much garbage over time. The meaning of life escapes us till we take our last breath in and nothing comes out. In an instant it is all over. All the trips, houses, jewels. Whatever it was that consumed is now gone. Everything you treasured, even your memories will fade over time. The only thing that lasts is the impact you had on others lives. And maybe the story told over time.

I think the best judge of character is simple. Look to how they treat their mother, then trickle down to how they treat other mothers. The gift of life lays inside every woman. A single cell waiting to transform into a tiny you and me. That is how life continues. That is how life evolves and moves on. Without life the only thing we can look forward to is death and if the end is near then what a sweet release that time will be. There is such turmoil in the media and all I can think is how every person involved should feel shame. How did so many fully grown men and women get filled with so much hate that has nothing to do with them. How can they let the cancerous stories of truth infect how they behave now. It seems to me that the opinion of others is bang on when they talk about the violent tendencies of the west. Why are we so violent? Why do we get so much satisfaction over trying to ruin another person’s life. It is so much more then one cop killing one man. It is anybody who has ever used their position of power over another to end another’s life. You just also signed a death sentence for every single person in that family. They will forever walk the Earth haunted by the life you stole with no regard.

I have witnessed the pain that comes to a mother that has to say farewell to their loved one. The hurt that consumes them as it sucks out their heart. Beautiful women become shells as they try to understand how the best part of their existence is now gone. It becomes even harder to bare when you learn the circumstances of how their death has come to be and the horrible stories that will forever imprint on the minds of the world. What kind of person intentionally breaks the heart of another? The meaning of life can’t be to intentionally hurt others. It also can’t be acquiring wealth and other things. The meaning of life has to be available to us all. There can be no true separation if what we are looking for is found to be true. We are looking for the answers we seek using rage and hate. That also can’t hold any weight. I don’t believe we were born to be violent. We were born to experience love and families and friends.

With so many ego’s running together at one time it is hard not to be swept away in another’s madness. We all want to believe that there is good in somebody unless of course the mob tells us otherwise. Afraid to stand on your own two feet but brave to sit behind a keyboard and make others feel like shit. Oh to be a tiny keyboard warrior with the mind mentality of a flea. The world is crazed in it’s true intentions. I fear we will become obsolete before the answer is in our grasp. What we are all searching for is something that we all can obtain. One way another we are all created equal it would be nice if our existence reflected that.

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