The Good, The Bad and the Coyote Ugly

You can’t deny that there is something to be learned from every human life that has ever been in existence. There has to be a reason for every single breath because without that reason we all become obsolete. Inside each one of us is this tremendous opportunity for another life, another existence, another purpose. In the darkest corners of my mind I want to know and experience the those that this Earth has ever held. I want to learn about the similarities, the differences, what makes one heart love and the next one hate. I feel I wasted so much time trying to find a purpose when it was sitting here right in front of me.

i feel so much incredible value and importance to human life that my heart hurts so much. First it bleeds for the lives lost so far but stops all completely when I learn about the lives took too soon. All the genocide that ruptured the Earth permanently altering all of our futures forever. There is no going back nor is there even true remorse. We feel although a piece of us had to exist at that time we prefer to deny it all together. Downplaying or upselling the story’s you tell of your ancestors but here is where we need to all bow down our heads in shame. What have we learned from these terrible experiences, these passages in time handed down to us in parcels true gifts of insight in such a horrible time? Convince me what Hitler did isn’t happening now. 

We were given a very clear example what racists look like. What they do. Littered throughout history we see these people who actually believe their existence is worth more. Worth more to who? Nobody’s value means more than to their family. I need to admit my role of ignorance as history begins to repeat itself but this time in the West. It is here. Evil is walking on US soil and it is killing anybody who doesn’t fit it’s ideal mold. Germans used to show up in their streets and MAKE them come to the streets knowing they were going to be executed. Imagine being ripped away from your parents as they hide you in a wall and walk to their own death knowingly. Do you even know how many people took their own lives out of fear of the torture and abuse that would take place before they felt the sweet release of death? Just imagine the hearts and souls of all those previous lives severed from their future. For no reason. No purpose other than one man’s toxic belief that polluted a whole country.

  • Fast forward 80 years and we still have mothers watching their sons being publicly executed for the WHOLE WORLD to see. It’s horrifying to think of who we are as human beings that we don’t see and acknowledge what is wrong!! If you think the Holocaust was a crime against humanity but you disagree with POC being treated equally then you are a hypocrite. Seriously though. There is no difference from the way German’s hated the Jewish  community to racist’s hating Black. Hate is hate fueled by this unnecessary rage that just shows how as a race we have failed miserably. We don’t learn from history. We don’t learn from each other. Nobody wants to take accountability because it wasn’t my fault I wasn’t born. I guess that is true but what are you doing right now to make a difference in your timeline? Are you passing the buck, sitting on the fence waiting for your chance? Take a seat I guess. There is nothing I can say now.

So what is good about humanity right now as we stand? We individually have such an incredible opportunity to dumb down the outside noise and gravitate towards your inner peace. There is a reason why greed, lust, envy, pride are  part of the deadly sins. They keep you from living from really experience what is great about each other. We forget how to share and how to embrace the uniqueness in each and every moment. We tried to compartmentalize a life that had no business being contain. The reason why we hate each other is because somebody else told us too. If something happened as a one off collateral damage it is because the person on the other end also was lied to too.

History is littered with people that no matter who you are you think back on them and smile. If you had the power to think back on more people and acknowledge their life, their struggle would you? The time wasted living, a wasted life brings me shame. When I get to thinking though of the 4 decades that existed before my passion took over I can see why it was all necessary. Experiencing life is something that is meant for us all. Even those brief parcels or gifts that bless some of our existence even for a short time. Maybe that is where my urgency comes from. I need to experience those stories that time maybe reclaiming. I am not ready to let go of those that have journeyed before me. There is so much to learn about humility and compassion that can only be handed down.

We are ruthless in our conquer of a generation laying injured from the claim. There is no honor in less we stand true to our convictions and we can only stand true if we are honest with ourselves.  Each and every time somebody says ANYTHING negative draw yourself in, raise your eyebrows and ask yourself why? The only way to be the change we need to see is to be consistent. Hold those accountable to their rage and their hate and MAKE them tell you why. You can’t sit there and tell a whole community to shut up and move on over the whole slave trade when you still harbor the hate from that time. Are you moving on and letting go or are you still being coyote ugly. Lying in wait for your victim always hunting in a pack.

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