DIY Siren Hair!

DISCLAIMER: None of these ingredients have ever been tested by me or proven to actually have the benefits that the claims have made. For all intents and purposes I will be genuinely trying these ingredients and giving my honest feedback as I believe all beauty should be obtainable and not just those who can afford.

Our hair has had the power to entrance crew mates at sea, carried our whispers in the air and has long served as a reminder of beauty and power. How is it so that we have pushed a natural beauty to the way side in order to obsess over chemicals and hand over our hard earned dollar to those who engage in unethical practices time after time. Can you trust a beauty supplier who USED to engage in deplorable standards? Why would you reward bad behaviour? You can’t tell me that while they were doing it they didn’t suspect their practices were a little devious. In fact just a little big wrong? Of course they did!! You don’t allow ANY life to suffer for the promise of medical advancements and a little liner under the eye. Hell the purpose of this DIY segment is to open your eyes and heart to a different way. I am all about ethical standards and practices and doing on to you what you would wish was already being done. The best thing we can hope for is living our best lives so why not look damn good doing it. In my commitment towards natural, organic recipes I have formulated a 3 step process for your best hair, EVER!!

I love a herb that has been used for centuries with enormous healing properties especially when it is helping heal something as precious as our scalp. My oil of choice was a DIY Basil Oil recipe which was so simple to do ad it also helped that my basil plant was over flowing so it was the BEST choice for me. All you need is to take 1/2 c Grapeseed oil and 1 c basil and blend to creamy add a 1/2 c olive oil and blend again. Let sit overnight and strain oil with a cheesecloth into a storage jar. Basil, unbeknownst to me is a super ingredient for our scalp. The oil helps to clear up dandruff by increasing blood flow to the scalp, therefore alleviating itching and making the hair root healthy. For somebody who has dyed my hair for years this is naturally intriguing to me. With boasts of stimulating hair follicles and promoting the production of new healthy hair what sort of Siren would I be if I didn’t give this natural root a “grow?” Now once you have this glorious liquid green gold it is time to add it to your hair (I added a few drop of Bear Essential Oils “Neroli + Lemon Uplifting Body Oil because I am just extra like that ❤ ). Massage oil to your scalp for a generous 10 minutes and then let the oil go to work for 2 hours. Pin up that hair and get to those chores (hahaha multi tasking at it’s best don’t you know.

After two hours you are probably thinking how the heck am I going to get this oil off of my scalp and out of my life. The only way is with a clarifying shampoo but I need to resist all those harsh chemicals. If you feel like I feel and are trying to stick to as natural as possible then adding “Baking Soda” to your normal shampoo is the next best thing. Only use a 1 tbsp as baking soda can be very stripping. Also you are going to wash your high twice. Once with and lastly without.

Now you should be feeling a lot lighter and healthy at the scalp but what about all the moisture we stripped away? Of course there was going to be DIY Hair Mask because we all want shiny, manageable and touchable hair. Enter the tropical banana to have you hair flipping like a DIVA. Bananas are incredible for the scalp and hair by improving manageability and shine, preventing and controlling dandruff AND moisturizes the scalp. Sound familiar? By choosing results that naturally enhance our end results how can we not have beautiful incredible hair, without the help of modern science I might add!! We already know that bananas are a carbohydrate rich in potassium, vitamins and natural oils that work together to soften, protect elasticity and even work together to prevent split ends and breakage. You can’t fix what is already done but you sure can nip and treat if you know what I mean. With banana hair products only being available at high ends salons I think mashing a banana at home is the next best thing and with claims of improving your hair dramatically and instantly sign me up please!!

As a sun loving Mer I need my locks to be revitalized so the mask I have chosen is: “The Banana/Yogurt Honey Please Mask” s’il vous plait!! Now yogurt claims to be able to accelerate hair growth and didn’t I just declog my scalp in order to trigger this very thing? That would mean that the addition of yogurt would serve as a double duty layer of magic to my natural forte!!! The zinc and lactic acid properties also stimulates blood circulation and acts as a cleanser and the protein found in yogurt nourishes and fortifies hair. I have said it once and I have said it before Cleopatra was ahead of her beauty routine with her love of milk baths. Now we are familiar with my love of honey and that doesn’t change here when I add it to the mask for the finishing touch. Honey is a natural humectant, which I love, adding moisture and shine to even the dullest head of hair. Add all ingredients (1/2 banana, 1 tbsp yogurt, 1 tbsp honey and few drops essential oils) mix into creamy and apply to damp hair and comb through with a wide tooth comb. Put on a shower cap and relax for 10-15 min use tea bags or cucumber slices for your tired eyes.

For the final cressada lightly shampoo and condition as normal and add a drop or two of Dew Date (Dew Date | LimeLife by Alcone) before you roll up your hair! I am obsessed with loving my journey and reducing my carbon footprint along the way. And if I can look good doing it, well hell what can a girl say xx.

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