Losing Faith

When do you start losing faith in humanity? I mean real faith that will make it so nothing can permeate from deep within. I will always maintain what humans are capable of make some of us monsters, leaving the rest of us to glorify in their filth and decay.

We are the only species that murder for fun. All other living beings kill for survival including the praying mantis who rips her mates head clear off after intercourse. I get that. Challenging times call for drastic measures and if I had something that could nourish my impending young while in the womb wouldn’t you want to take them up on their offer. Chances are the male species did something to piss the female off and it came a common practice that they passed down on year after year. Once they served their purpose, to prolong their species, what use to the female were they. Eating up all the plants and stuff and just loafing around not even lifting a finger to help set up the nursery. I get it. I truly do. Survival of the fittest and all others can exit the room.

But what about this. A 15 year old girl who walked ONE BLOCK to her house at about midnight get abducted, raped and left for dead. This was in the 80’s. The time in which this happened becomes significant. When her attacker threw her in the water the current swept her away. That is how she got out of her evil clutches even though he had shot her point blank in the brain.

It’s disgusting. Purely and that is why I get so angry with all these posts about bondage and sacrificial sex. I don’t need to see the evils of the world even more than I do. I am all for artistic forms of expression but some kinds should be kept away from young eyes and minds.

As she somehow made it to the road she stood naked, covered in blood trying to wave down cars. Nobody stopped. Of course nobody did. We value our lives ahead of all others and with such evil lurking around what is one to do.

Finally a couple coming home from a date pulled over. Well the boyfriend made her stop. He couldn’t imagine leaving her alone to die in the middle of nowhere especially if she was hurt and needed help. There were no cell phones and no way for her to find help. She relied on the kindness of strangers even though she was terrified for how one stranger made her feel.

She remembered her attacker well but he wasn’t in the data bank. They didn’t run her DNA back then, in fact her whole rape kit got lost. Imagine being 15 years old and having to live through that ordeal. Every person you see on the street who matches your attacker could be him. How would you know?

Back to back I watched these episodes of horrific crimes. The next story spoke of two men who went missing after getting into the same policeman’s car. Not at the same time. Months apart. Their only crime it appears was that they didn’t carry official types of idea. One was an illegal immigrant from Mexico who got into a fender bender while driving a car. When the officer noticed that there would be no trail if he went missing he simply but the individual into the back of his car never to be seen from again.

The next incident happened when an African American got pulled over for having no insurance. The car was towed from a cemetary and the cemetary workers watched him get into the back of a cop car. Same officer on sight. Not much of a record was made. When asked about the accounts he knew nothing until the mothers of those who vanished had something to say.

Imagine. Just imagine your child getting erased from the face of the Earth with no trace at all. NONE. Isn’t that insane? But I bet you it happens every single day. Both men had families that they adored they just happened across the same dude. I cop who failed a lie detector, quit his job and opened up a business doing yard care. Hmmm sounds suspicious has anybody ever considered digging up his yard?

Scary isn’t it? That those we trust can make it so that we can just go away. It happens in our sleep. It happens in our dreams. It happens when all we are trying to do for the day is get ourselves to work. That is what these men were doing when the officer remembered that they asked to get dropped off at the Circle K. Just so many odd facts in this story that would send chills up my spine if I was one of those boys mom. What humans are capable of doing to each other and will try to excuse away and justify will always have me trembling right down to my bones.

I think that is why I keep to myself so much. I can’t trust what is going through other people’s minds and worse off what they are capable of. If I fall asleep here am I safe? Or will I be running for the hills out of fear. I can’t tell you how many times I have woken up to somebody being on top of me. I use to go to house parties a lot with my friends and drinking and driving was never a thought. Well after I got caught and lost my license when I was 19.

The company you keep is the safest place to be and if you can’t trust your surroundings maybe you are some place you shouldn’t be? Just a thought. But what do I know? Just one girl growing tired of being lied to by those who try to convince me that they are my friends. Who needs that kind of bad energy anyways? Most definitely not me.

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