Post Partum

I am not to sure if I am suffering from post partum, lack of sleep, or stress. I do feel majorly ripped off at how my baby was born. I miss that part of being pregnant. I was so excited watching my belly grow and I knew at 33 weeks it was just a matter of time before I was huge ❤ Instead I had a c-section with 22 staples and I didn’t get to meet my son for 3 days. I am seeing a therapist so that seems to be good but its always obstacle after obstacle. Now that I am home having a preemie comes with some hurdles. The most major and annoying is that all visitors need to have their flu shot. The poor lil bean has no immunity do if he were to catch something it would be life threatening. Its amazing to me how many people “dont believe in it”. Its free and it keeps my baby healthy. You think its a no brainer. I am trying to be understanding but I feel incredibly isolated and alone. I need to refocus my energy and attention to my son and husband and not so much on the outside world. Here’s to focusing on whats important ❤

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