When Greed Gets in the Way.

Embrace yourself and sit in the tranquil silence that is your life. For without knowing what the end goal maybe we have to have complete faith. Sometimes I bask within the journey that got me to where I needed to go. Because without a strong conviction of self it is so easy to find yourself upon the wrong path.

To often we find shame amongst the embers of the fires we burned long ago. Unable to remember the finality of the moment that made us burn ourselves to the ground. To fuel the fire or fan the flame it’s a forbiddem dance best laid out for two.

Blessed by the opportunity of life I find basking in my presence. I am not only humbled but honoured to know that my presence may not only be felt but enjoyed by all those new I meet. To put yourself out there in the most grandeur’s of display’s or to be meek amongst the willows always desiring to display. Who you had hoped to become now only appears as a vision. Or maybe a beacon of hope lighting up the way.

It is incredible to think what we as humans can imagine to fill our chasms deep. Maybe for good. Maybe for evil. Maybe it is we will truly only know when our judgement day finally arrives. I don’t want to waste away if this so happens to be my last chance. My last chance to feel something greater than myself, my last chance of being.

I hate the fact we have become mere shadows of each other. Isolated by our own imperfections, haunted by our faults. I merely want to reach your heart and spark something barried so long ago. To spend eternity not knowing where to gonor finding sanctity in my hears. I give my heart to you. One day we will all be an enigma. A beautiful piece of art put on display. But for now all we have is you me and I you in a beautiful artistic display.

I used to think how each and everyday was so incredibly enchanting with the hopes of you sprinkled in. I only want to know how it feels to be whole again if only for one second. I miss the way it used to feel with the electric charge of each day. That maybe this would be the day you would finally feel the same. O feel like I am being served on ice preserved for someone knew. I still sit here waiting for someone just like you.

So I sit here free from the limitations that bound you in the traditional sense. I can’t help but think that all this was given to me at a time that I could handle. When a poisoned mind is fueled by wanton thoughts and unbridled passion anarchy us sure to ensue. So with all the wordly temptations threatening to take you astray which ones do you succoumb to and which ones do you allow to take you far away?

Yes it’s true our destiny’s are all intertwined. They have to be. You are here and this is now and you are here as am I. Think about that. We all breathe the same air. Then we all a sudden stop. You were the best part of me. You were all I wanted to be. All of a sudden my value was below yours and I was left standing all alone.

How does one validate their own truth their own being? Maybe that is what I an hoping for. Validation that my life mattered to somebody. More than the screaming child and barks of dogs vying for my attention. I want to remember what it felt like to be loved. To be validated for my own existence.

It’s hard not to be triggered by others preconceived notions of you. If they only knew thd path that brought you here would they still care? I can’t help but feel rejected from the man who gave me life. To feel so much putrid hatred by a man I love so deep brings me to my knees. I have no value. I am valueless no worth. I beg to be noticed by anybody I don’t want to die alone. Ignite my soul, fire up my being. Touch mein a way the world has yet to see.

I am done with hearing the media tell us how to feel and what to think. Believing the madness makes us the puppets and we have no control of the strings. Everything we believed in is now prooving to be false. We are a terrible, ignorant display of humanity. A living example of what happens when greed gets in the way.

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