Who Are We Becoming?

What is incredulous to me is the lies we tell each other to make our own existence seem relevant. There is no denying that we have lost our place in the chain, all you have to do is look around and see how we are the only species to evolve. Every other entity has grown with their propensity for love but we, we humans have hardened our souls in exchange for dollar bills. Money is the root of all evil. So many have died in order for just one other to have more. What started out as a quest to learn more about ourselves ended on the low note of greed. Any time a civilization has been brought to their knees those who have invaded reaped all the rewards and some sick twisted benefits that have left our culture with this terrible hole with no chance of recovery. How can we recover when we have no empathy, we have no true understanding what it would have felt like to be gripped by fear and then by anger because somebody else told them to hurt you without knowing you.

We forget that the first powers to engage in these activities were the first entities that took charge of the Earth. There was no history book to speak to what would be considered to standard to practice on how to handle a foreign species you couldn’t communicate with. They would spend months lost at sea only to find shore their is no denying their own mental mind when they finally kiss the ground only to look up and be swarmed by many that are just as scared as you are. We only knew to go to war because that is what we were taught. Through generations we looked up to those that would wage war to fight what we were told was our freedom but if that was so why did ownership and border dimensions have to change? Ask yourself if you ran into an alien life form what would you do? Would you stand still in amazement hoping that they have come in peace? Or would you thrust your fists in anger in the hope that you are stronger and in fact the better man? I don’t know who made you to believe that violence is the answer but there has to be a better way.

My heart has ran with the lost and abandon animals that come with pet ownership. Not that I have plans to ever give my animals away, in fact I do plan on loving them to the day I die. I had no way of knowing if they would ever grow out of their feral ways but I was convinced with time, love and compassion their own existence was worth the risk. How come we as humans fail to have the same decency amongst each other. If you are homeless it must be because of something you did. We have created an existence that makes it incredible hard to want to survive. We have allowed this evil to walk amongst us and prey on our weak. We don’t ban together in solitude we spit in their direction with disgust. From what those in power have done throughout history as never been through the longevity of being good and helping mankind. It has always been about lining their pockets ensuring that they and they alone survive and live comfortably. Only their blood line is protected from the devious ways of our ancestors the rest of us will struggle until the end of time into our demons over take us.

I struggle with the same toxic thoughts that most of us do. This has also been a trait handed down to us. We are bound by our own limitations that try to hold us down. Have you ever tried to really understand somebody else’s life other than your own? The true hardships and limitations imposed because of who you were when you were born. Nobody asked o be conceived in a womb and born into this existence. Don’t we all deserve the same fighting chance to embrace the grace given or do we always have to seek and destroy like a heat seeking missile? I am confused on my own existence because it is so superficial. My beginnings were rustic but now I am struggling to keep my head above water with how polluted our thinking has become. We are a torturous species that is content on watching each other suffer. If we weren’t how could we justify the things we allow. So many things have changed preaching that we are evolving into something better but how is that so when we refuse to acknowledge what has been done.

You can’t expect this incredibly harmonious bonding opportunity to come when so many lives have forever been altered no matter at the hands of a different race. Yes us whites have a bad reputations but all through out history when given the chance each race has reacted rather morbidly. In every culture there are stories of barbaric rape, murder and torture and every life affected should be held in the greatest grace. Who are we to deny these haunting whispers of the past. Without directly reading in between the lines we can’t see it and we will never grow, grow into these incredible creatures that are worthy of foresight and love. My book, Unbroken, is an incredibly story but what affects me even more so is in knowing that where once life was so promising it is now instantly gone. These men drifted over 2,000 miles into Japanese islands and were only hours away from hopefully making it onto shore. Depleted and dying they were captured and fed silly, which can only be explained as fattening up their victims before they tortured and beat these men once again. These men fought off sharks and watched the rest of their men die right before there very eyes and once in the hands of another human they are once again left to fear for their lives. So of course hate will bleed into the bloodlines of all the ancestors to come. On both sides. From every corner because go down the line far enough and you will see that somewhere somebody else had hurt them maybe even dying because of who their ancestors were. How can you forget this haunting imagery that comes to us when we dream? Some may say I have yet to dream. To them I say it’s time to put your head in the clouds. Nobody will make it out of alive and even worse sometimes you will endure this incredibly torture and pain at the hands of another. Who comforts those that are broken because of what somebody else has done? Just because they are physically saved doesn’t mean they are emotionally off the hook. The only thing that doesn’t die is or mind we just change forms and let go. If it were up to me I would try and honor all those lives that came before me. Who am I but a mere human capable of something great that nobody will ever know.

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