Taken to Soon

You have to take a step out of reality and I mean a few steps back to alter the way we have been brain washed to think. Think of all the lies you suspect have been told to you over the years, some are real and some are fake. Truth be told the only truth that exists forever is the ability for each living thing to pro-create, each species must march on. Look at all the ways we have failed in general asks of civility. We try to control other living things to bend in our ways and if failing to do so they are no more use to us. Everything and I mean EVERYTHING is becoming extremely diluted. This is what we bargain for, this is what we will die for, when our turn on the evolutionary chain is up.

Obviously I am coming fresh off of a read of Middlemarch which was set in the mid 1800’s. Women for the most part women obeyed and remained fiercely loyal to their husbands. Most didn’t start off in love in fact it was something they had to work hard towards. Sometimes it was only in a letter that a proposal was born and they never strayed to far from what would benefit their families, a very far move from where we are now. It is hard for me to say but I can see it in the families around me. There is no more hell or high water that died with our grandparents and I am wondering what happened to good old wholesome values, the kind I learned growing up on the farm. It is not meant to point fingers but how many people do you know spend their whole lives searching even though it was right in front of them the whole time. There are these great families that still exist out there I know. I have graced shoulders with a few of them at volunteer charity events, where all the good mom’s go.

You can’t help but be transformed to a time where there was orchard’s and fields and trees in every which way that the eye could look and go. The air smelt so much fresher, car’s weren’t even a thing. Imagine how restful life was back then. Where every animal had a purpose, serving humans, where we could love them and give them a good life going forward living as companions, just like it was long ago. If we couldn’t all live together in blissful harmony why would things happen like this? I think we failed the exercise of living in a blissful community and the world is just sick of us right now. Weird things keep happening. At least I think to me. More people out to get you, like showing up to be mean. No rhyme, no reason, no purpose just a hey you, I disagree. Uhmmm alright I suppose, thanks for showing up now go away. Back then we cared so much about what others thought and we always tried to portray our best image. I think their needs to be a combination of best image and being fully aware of who it is you are leaving when you leave it all behind. Yes you alone create a dynasty but in terms of legacies you need a bloodline to carry your spirit to leave an impression long after your light has grown dark.

What I cam hardly believe is those with no children speak down to the women that do. Without loving parents and the desire to pro-create we would all just be dead where we stand. We need the promise, filled with hope and laced with potential to build this growing bleak world into some great, once again. Before none of this existed. They cared about our future. What it would be for the next generation making sure to leave the future better off than what they had. Do you still think we think that? Or does a sky rocketing divorce rate dictate that? You are only somebody until you get divorced than your worth half that if you are lucky wondering where it all went wrong. Marriage was an investment. A real committment where you decided right then and there this is who your family is now. All children and pets belong to that. Happiness becomes memories that were built with a loving family always knowing the same loyalty run through each other’s veins.

What this year has taught me is just how rude and selfish we have grown into being. We take advantage of those who loved us doing unspeakable acts because they won’t remember or they owe it to me just the same. When we had a choice to help our economy and health sector recover we went on cheap trips getting insta famous along the way. This is who we are and the culture we built. Is it ok for a man to where a hood and go into public and terrorize a community? If he can excuse his actions away without even a slap on the wrist then we are harbouring racism too, what a shame. Are we too deeply scarred and engrained from the past that we will never truly heal and move on. We see it in our sacrifies too humanity. The ones we lose too soon. The ones who laid down their lives for us, the ones who were barried to soon.

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