Beauty with Sweet Ruby – Lip Scrub

Those dog days of summer. They have us wearing less while exposing. Our tender parts being worn by the summer rays threaten to dry out our skin and make us wish for better days. We already know our skin is our biggest organ but did you know we shed over a million cells in just ome day? That’s a lot of activity in just one day. I wonder what we can do to help encourage cell renewal, and if we can do so economically, even better without spending a dime. Exfoliating is the gentle process of softening rough and dry skin to remove any skin imperfections with the use of abrasive, deep cleansing creams. The main purpose of this mechanical procedure of sloughing away dead skin is to improve the skin’s appearance, and who doesn’t love the idea of that?

For as long as Egyptians have known beauty, so has men been trying to improve our skins texture and glow. Everybody has heard of Cleopatra’s milk baths, which served as one of the first ever chemical exfoliant procedures. The lactic acid in the milk bonds to the enzymes required to break the dead skin from the skins surface to the live making the skin feel rejuvenated and more alive. It helps our products work and sit more effectively and in today’s trying times who doesn’t like the sound of that? Did you ever notice your foundation or lippy is sitting really patchy? This is either because your product is sitting on top of dead skin and the product you are using wasn’t designed for that or your using a product not designed for your skin type which has made your skin call out in fear! The best rthing we can do to stretch out our buck is to ensure we are starting at the best point we can.

Summer haves havoc on our skin and our precious lips are sometimes just an after thought. Our lips are our central point to our face. They allure and captivate potential suitors with the promise of sweet, soft, pillows in which to lay their own lips to rest. They are one of the most errogenous parts of our bodies with the highest amount of nerve endings and in the way in which they can portray their intentions without even using a word. When one thinks about romance we can’t help but get whisked away with the allure and promise with just one kiss. Whole empires were reduced to ruble when the seductive sirens of a women have successfully worked their way through.

No woman should ever feel less than desireable and that is why something as cost effective as a diy lip scrub will have you beating all those troublesome boys back. Truly all you need is access to a well packed pantry to ensure your lips are soft for kissing all summer time long and through. All we need is an ingredient that has a rougher texture. Something to physical break the bound between old skin and new. For this purpose I decided to use coffee grounds as my base. I love coffee and what better way then unclogging dead pores to reveal fresh, healthy baby pink skin. Just like our first cup of coffee starts off our day as a scrub it gjves them a healthy flush of colour and life. A am a regular coffee kinda gal so I need to add in some sugar to my scrub. The sugar is one of the most trusted natural ingredient so who am I to argue with nature. I could add a dash of milk to add to the chemical exfoliation of the process but in the spirit of less is more I save the milk for our luxurious baths. Whats the sense of adding more? Now it is summer and the goal is to combat dry, cracked lips and what better way than adding in some EVO! Extra virgin olive oil. The quality of olive oil is important as we want to preserve the beneficial properties that the olive has which can be lost when to much mechanical manipulation is portrayed. The reason why it is such a powerful moisturizer is the polyunsaturated fat found in the olive, linoleic acid, prevents moisture from evaporating on the skin. What this means for us is that it helps our skin lock in moisture all day long and ensures they look beautiful too! Now the next two ingredients are more for my vanity plus they make my scrub smell so absolutely delicious. I am talking about vanilla and cinnamon. No, no I am not talking about baking (although your lips will become the most alluring sweet treat xx). Now I am an advocate for aging gracefully and vanilla is rich in anti oxidants which help with cell renewal. Cinnamon and it’s ingredient cassia oil is famous for giving us our bee stung pouts!! Uhmmm what? Sounds like a Cinnamon/Vanilla Latte made for my lips. Get on my lips right now and exfoliate away all that dead skin. With all that skin sloughed off and away my lips will be luxurious soft and pouty all with ingredients from my pantry! HUGE WIN!

I am an advocate that we should all be able to feel our most beautiful no matter the depths of our pocket books or how far our good genes can reach. That is why I bring to you an option that every housewife can utilize without even asking for a dime! I mean modern times call for the most basic of solutions there’s a reason we turn back to our roots after all xx For a few basic ingredients when thrown all together can transform our lips back in time. I mean we all dream of kissing our prince and don’t we want to leave him wanting more? We can have our cake and eat it too or in this case it’s with our cup of joe. Add on a gloss or ruby red lippy and you will keep those babies puckered all day long xx.

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