Common Sense

While half of the world suffers we continue to perfect the travesty that is our lives. We forget that we have lived through this time before with our ancestors paying the price trying to even up the score. It started long ago when some of the over entitled few got this idea in their head that they too could rule the world. That all they needed to do was sell an idea and win over the masses and get them away from the true meaning of life that would get them feeling more. That life was not about the bells and whistles that we insisted that it meant but more about the experience that we were failing to even acknowledge.

What would happen if we dared to live the life that was meant for us instead of perverting it as far as the eyes can see. Glorifying sex and making it the be all end all makes other people suffer as they fail to amount to the visions in front of them that they keep obsessing over with their eyes. There was a time when freedom was all that anybody cared for but now it seems we have perfected our ability to getting off by any depraved means. I guess it makes sense that we have to use our physical being in order to get another being off because we have become incapable of doing so with our minds. Remember when our Grandmothers used to tell us to leave something for the imagination. What happened to that. Now all we insist on doing is putting everything up on display. I get that. I feel the desire too to love and appreciate my body in every single way. From the tips of my toes to the end of my nose I was born in an image that was handed down to me in generations in such a way. That every time I ask somebody to engage in some deplorable act or to treat me in such a way I am asking them to slap the face of my Grandmother and I know in my heart what she would have to say.

I did not sacrifice my whole life for you to behave the way that you do as long as you are happy you feel that I should behave fine. I think you forget that I held you once when you were small. Looking into your eyes and thinking that I wanted to protect you from this big, bad world. That every thing I had would one day belong to you. That includes my son, our savior, and his brothers and sisters too. For in this moment you can do no wrong and as long as I am alive I will protect you from all. I will teach you how to be a housewife and a lover of all that is living and how to give back to Mother Earth. In the end I will teach you how to want for nothing as long as you are keeping to your house and the animals are kept fed. That was the gift given to me when they came to me, the ability to see through all life. I can see the light that burns inside of us some times waiting to ignite. I used to want to hide away from the world and hide in the shadows for nobody to see but then I realized something. If I stay here waiting for something I will miss out on a life that was granted to me for no other reason than I was loved. Sure some of the beings that were here to greet me have long passed but I still lovingly remember them with every thought.

When people suffer it brings on a festering rage that if not caught early enough can level a whole country side with little or no thought. They have little regard for any life that could have been living there as they come to the realization that the evil that we have long feared for is now sleeping beside us in our bed. We can never truly know who it is we have found ourselves beside until realistically it is too late. Be weary of the company you keep fully realizing that not everybody is for you and me. There are those that just stand around hoping that maybe you would include them in your inner circle. What I know from past experience if they have left than you are probably best to close that circle up. If you keep a revolving door policy nobody in life will ever take you seriously. There are those who are out to save you, which are few but more than likely they are out for blood hoping that this time death will take you leaving no more words said. Making room for those in your life that always come and go makes no sense. Why. Why again after all this time would you reach out a helping hand. I think life might just be hard enough without all the extra dramatics so I will just keep to myself instead. Imagine a life time of living up to somebody elses expectations when it is probably easier to kick yourself in the head. I mean one is just as easy isn’t it. I would rather keep my mind numb at my expense than another stupidity, wouldn’t you. Anyways, in the end nothing will truly matter but it will take us wasting our whole lives to find that out. What we find so important right now in this moment is something we will never be able to take with us anyways so why bother. Why bother to be so cruel in a period of time that makes no sense or we can try to be more patient with each other. I think that is what is needed most right now, don’t you.

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