A Gal Pal like Liz

Well I finally did it! I finished my book, “How to be a Movie Star”. Can I be honest I had no idea the magic that was Liz Taylor. It was so fascinating to read about how one would hope it would be being famous in the 1950’s. It is so much different now. Liz absolutely captivates your attention with her smitten kitten roles that were too racey for that time. When filming on location actuallly meant location instead of the green screen. To be admired by many for having such a unique skillset. I couldn’t imagine that life. Dripping with diamonds warmed by furs (faux I would hope but I know every single one of them was real). To read about the rise to the top only to be replaced by the younger generation of movie stars eager to take your place.
This is why I have committed myself to reading so many different genre’s. No matter what you read there is always the reward of some bit of knowledge no matter how grande of scale. For me I love the way Liz took control of her life. She knew what it would take to get the most out of life and she lived every day doing just that. Even when nobody thought she could make it anymore as a movie star she went on to start in Broadway. Yes she had a very early start and her mother knew she was destined to be famous. Oh in an era to rub elbows with the elite where going out to be seen and to interact with each other was a must.
I think this is the air that I am going for. Now that we finally are setting up roots there is the security blanket of knowing that this is where we will call home for hopefully the next 20 plus years. It is my duty to obtain inner peace and to trully find happiness in order to shine brightest for my son.
I know there have been times and incidents where I have been less of a lady and have done some not cool things but I guess what I am saying is it really is ok to let go. To never feel that weight on your shoulders I can truly say mine has lifted. It makes everything come together and I just feel so happy. I have been baking up a storm trying to perfect a couple batches for the Bake Sale on Saturday. Can I just say I LOVE BAKE SALES!!! How super fun is this. Reminds me of being a little girl again. Brings back so many happy memories of family and reminds me how important it is to ensure that my happiness is authentic for him.
Focusing on what I need in order for me to get the most out of this life makes every decision alot easier. To stumble and find a way to keep on going where most others would just simply give up. In some cases it just comes naturally but for others it takes a lot of practice and sometimes a lot of time. It is only when you feel the time slipping even more quicker does the picture either becomes much clearer or in trying times out of focus. Life really was never meant to be this hard. It just somehow adapted this way. I don’t want to say that it evolved because I just don’t see how what we are doing has made us as a species better. We are surrounded by so much greed. So much instant gratification. So many lies swirl all around us like tiny whirlpools waiting to take our heads for a spin. It does make trying times alot heavier to wade through. But just like a once jaged little rock with enough repitition the edges will smooth and the rock will begin to shine and become so smooth. It is always how we are able to deflect the elements of the outside world that will make our core that much deeper. Lessons get handed down from word of mouth, written words somehow always seem to hide the truth is someway. To be raw and honest is a very hard task when there is always the chance that you will be ridiculed or teased. This is the world that we now live in. Most of the world is forced to live in fear, suppressed to feel that anybody outside of their immediate circle will harm them. For me I am lucky I don’t have to live in direct fear. But I am still caught int he crosshairs. People that I love and care for battles with the secrets they keep inside of them to scared to let the outside world in. If the truth shall set you free then how come it is the same truth that captures others as their prisoner.
This process of reading and getting to know my core and my truths has helped me see how strong of a woman I really am and that I am only getting stronger. I really encourage any and all of you to reach out to me if you ever need help with anything. One thing I am really good at is making your troubles go away. I love to laugh and smile and enjoy the simple things in life. We can dress up, hang out, go shopping (tee hee). Whatever will help or whatever you need. The world is such a depressing place if you stop and think about it so sometimes what we all need is a place where we feel like a Diva for a day. All I am strongly suggesting is let me be that Gal Pal for you. I really, truly do care.

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