Evolution is at a Crossroads

Damned to mediocrity failing by design. We are our fathers. We are our forefathers. We continue to make the same mistakes that they did but being blindly ignorant. Fighting, protests and outburst of anger means we are failing. I am not talking to about those that fear for their existence. Who have witnessed the amount of hate and anger that spills onto their streets and threatens their survival. They are human. Inside each and ever one of them is the desire to survive. Evolution is imperative to all of our survival. What happens to our World when we stop evolving. When we become nothing but a venomous snake content to poison those that come near is that evolution or is that failure?

So imagine this. Imagine a time before we knew the Earth was round and inhabited by other people. We lived in our own little countries not knowing the obvious differences between each other. We were all one and the same. So how does something as evil as hate begin to fester and evolve into this giant manic beast that have clutched on to us. We divided each other by class, social status, economics. Anyway we could hate our neighbours we dreamed up. That isn’t us. That isn’t the human experience. The greatest joy in the World is being in the company of great people. Greatness doesn’t know this distinction. Greatness is unseen only felt. Same with love. Close your eyes and focus on feeling the love. When it comes to you does it come to you with money? Social status? Fame? No. Some of the greatest moments of pure love have come to me when there was no borders. How can you tell an emotion as infinite as love, stop right there I don’t like the way you look! Tell me what does love look like to you? Love has no look to me. It is everything and anything that I can touch, feel, absorb. It doesn’t have to hold a particular shape or colour to be of great importance in my life. It just needs to be humble and vast and blind.

So now we get sick of torturing our own kind and all of a sudden our walls started to come down. We noticed that there were other countries filled with some of the World’s greatest riches but we were ignorant. We were greedy. Instead of seeing the value in the new culture and being we just encountered. We raped their land and destroyed their culture robbing them and us the opportunity to really understand and experience our existence. Try to wrap your head around that. Instead of rejoicing that you found new humans to learn from in order to enhance your own infinite joy you made them work for nothing and beat them in payment. That is what our forefathers are guilty of. Where we are wrong in our privilege is we need to help each and every being that feels supressed, fear and hate and fill them with so much love. To them. They must feel like a bird that has just had their wings clipped left in a pen with ravenous tigers. If they could go anywhere and be anything they would e free to take to the skies and embrace their lives as they should. But no they are bound to the ground with nowhere to go. They live waiting to die.  This is what we are guilty of.

We have let a few small select few control all the beauty of life. They sit a top their thrones and throw peanuts to the crows. Who are they to possess all this power. Look at what they have done. Instead of building a country filled with unity and pride they burned our cultural identity at the stake and laughed at all of our misery. What other countries hang their own citizens from trees? I will say these words one more time because it needs to permeate inside of you. What country allows their children to be hung from trees and covered up by rumours of suicide? Why do we allow this? Think of these parents. Sit down and ask yourself, if somebody hung your child from a tree and told you it was suicide what would you do? I am white it is easy. I demand justice. I will hang those that hung my own beautiful child and skin them alive. My feelings are valid. Their feelings are valid. But we live in a society where they have allowed our own brothers and sisters to be hunted. You have to ask yourselves when our privileged forefathers decided to steal humans from another country they had no good intentions. They are the ones that built this country and sacrificed their lives. They were separated from their families and treated worse than dogs. Tell me how exactly you are trying to ease that amount of suffering?

I am nobody in the grander scheme of things. I am a mother who is sick of seeing what is happening to our World. My voice isn’t loud nor is it heard by anybody. Yes I cry every morning before my son gets up. If I don’t grieve for those lives lost and suffering who will. If I don’t take a moment to acknowledge their existence and validate their fight then who? I am a nobody in this World but I really do love you all.  I know deep down we are one in the same and we all got the same start. I can see the segregated differences and it breaks my heart. Evil is alive and it is keeping us divided. I would hold out m hand if I thought that you could catch it. The only good thing about COVID is it gives me an excuse to stay house bound. There is so much evil in our streets that I prefer the sanctity of my own home. Evolution is at a crossroads and I am scared of the direction it may take.

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