Why Everybody Should Learn to Play a Musical Instrument

As I continue on my journey I have really made an effort to embrace those things that I had lost touch in. Feeding my spirituality was very important to me because I had suppressed her for so long. You see I neglected her for so many years that I had to get to know her all over again. It is an incredible fun journey if you are willing to reconnect who you once were. Sometimes the path leads you down roads where you look at yourself in shock because you can’t believe that was the person you once were. The most important part of it all is to be humble and make amends. If you can acknowledge the pain that you may have directly or indirectly caused somebody previously it brings down the barriers for you to be able to move forward. It brings forward dreams that you forgot you had and it allows you to remember life through the eyes of a child and here is where my love of music becomes reborn.
Growing up I never understood the importance of being able to communicate yourself through music. I played the recorder and trumpet in school nothing terribly exciting or cool. Not to mention our band teacher in journey high did a poor job of selling it. I remember getting tested on music and just getting terribly confused on reading the music. Maybe at that time I was more interested in teenage boys and smoking and American Pie hadn’t come out yet so I totally missed out on the joys that music can bring. Unlike singing where you rely on your voice an instrument can be that voice for you and that is where the magic happens.
Frequently I watch You-Tube videos casted on my T.V. it’s a great distraction when you are cleaning and who doesn’t love to sing and dance. I love the power that music has over you. The words, the melodies the raw talent that oozes when you lose yourself in the moment. That feeling that lifts you up also gives you a warm hug. It tells you that everything is going to be alright and rocks you back and forth. In the same way that listening to music gets you energized and pumped for any occasion. Music means so much to so many people. There are festivals, concerts, raves, outdoor, indoor, orchestra, classical. You name it there is something for everyone when it comes to music. You can listen to any language and feel the energy in the words. There is nothing more romantic than listening to Ti Amos as you waltz across the room. I am not Italian so I only know that it means I love you and I can dream about the rest means.
Music just maybe the universal language that we are searching for it tells the rest of the world how we are feeling without even saying a word. Everybody should learn to play a musical instrument as there is so many different ones out there and now as an adult I am free to choose and learn. I remember thinking as a child how beautiful the violin was and how incredibly hard it looked to play. If one could play the violin they must be incredibly talented. On the forever quest of finding myself I was dancing in the living room with my son when the John Legend song came on, “All of Me.” First off what an incredible song but this one was live with him playing a piano and then he added one more thing. He called out a violonist who played right beside him and right there I knew no mattered how long it took I needed to play the violin. I could feel my heart burst with joy and excitement as my ears focused on her playing. It was sweet, sultry and oh so therapeutic. Even know just closing my eyes and picturing that sweet sound I am carried away to a different place. This was the sound my soul needed to communicate I had to try.
When I told my husband I wanted to learn he told me he knew a music teacher that was willing to teach me (that was back in December). I waited patiently as we tried to set up a lesson, sometimes it was my nerves scaring me back into reality. After months of trying to arrange something I finally told my husband I was tired of waiting and I wanted to see if maybe I could find somebody and what the cost would be. I posted on one of my mom’s groups as the internet is really the only way to get anything done these days. Everything is online, I want to book an appt online, I want to send money online, I tried to get raffle tickets made online. My excitement and eagerness was getting the best of me so I needed immediate gratification. Sure enough most of the ladies all recommended the same lady so off I was seeing if it was a possibility.
Finallly after 5 months of waiting I had my first violin lesson. It was everything I dreamed it be and more. I knew that the first few lessons would be about proper care and handling but my first lesson surpassed my expectations. My teacher was so amazing, patient and friendly that I was at ease the whole time. I finally got to play my first note…or is it chord? Eeeekkkk I guess I better add Music for Dummy’s to my repitoire. When I heard that beautiful screech of the E note coming from me I instantly giggled and got the hugest smile. Closing my eyes I was transformed to that lil girl just standing out in my Grandparents field with the sun beaming down on my face. I was quickly brought back to reality as my bow missed it’s mark and my beautiful sound turned sour but there it was the feeling I got watching that woman play I could feel her waking up inside me. Before I went to my lesson I asked myself what it was that I didn’t like about Music. In school it was an elective and I choose not to learn. The answer was simple I was scared of reading the music. I could read it enough to play but I never understood it. For that reason I never told anybody about me wanting to play the violin. I just never thought I would be good enough.
Being almost 40 and going down this musical adventure just makes me so thankful that I have found this amazing path. Everytime that bow hits I instantly smile and of course I giggle. The most amazing part is that my teacher is going to teach me how to recognize and be able to play the music from sound so being able to read music won’t be that important. As long as I can feel the music I will be able to play. I am telling you this feeling is amazing everybody should do or least try to do what speaks to them in their heart.

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