The Failing of a Young Life

Let’s assume for a minute we are the ones who happen apon a loved ones body. How would we feel? Could we ever recover? Would our vision on how we see the world forever be tainted or would there still be a chance. A chance for us to seek redemtption in the eyes of our loved one. This is a growing trend with the fentanyl epidemic and depression. We hear a storey that will forever burn into our minds. What if I told you that this nightmare is just beginning to unfold for a 9 year old girl who found her 10 year old sister who apparently committed suicide. Imagine the terror and the horror of seeing your sister laying there. Being the one to make the phone call to watch the paramedics coming in trying to save your sister. There would be no greater tragedy than her life as she knows it changing dramatically. The idea that at 10 years old your community failed you. Nobody noticed that this beautiful girl was being bullied. Bullied at school where, at least when I grew up, it is hard to imagine that there isn’t a better system in place to notice these things. We leave our children in the care of teachers and aides whose sole purpose is to help our children dare to dream and blossom into those beings with limitless potential. I can’t imagine a toxic enough environment for this little girl to feel this was her only way out. At the end of this post I have the links to her Go Fund Me and of course the suicide prevention lifeline. This poor girl’s family having to deal with all of this to find out that maybe just maybe she was a lil broken behind that smile.
Depression is very common amongst most of us. We all feel these great fealing of being sad and overwhelmed. Life is hard. We have virtually no direction than what is feeling in our guts and sometimes that is just not enough. How to we repair the World from all the damage that we have humans done over the years? I mean to our spirits. Where is the fun that growing up was? I am a mom now living in a residential area and I have yet to see that pack of kids running around collecting things. Exploring the World with hungry eyes. Where did those children go? I see lots playing sports at the rena and High School near by but I don’t see the “Rascals” of the past. You know you miss them too. Like building fairy houses in the Woods or just using your imagination. What happened to those kids?
In their place is these desensitized lil minions. Arrogrant, self rightous, entitled. I was driving by the school the other day and saw a girl comforting her friend. She was in tears. I wanted to stop and ask her if she was alright. The only reason why I didn’t was because of the way society frowns on strangers helping strangers these days. I guess I could look at becoming a Big Sister to a young lady in need. Maybe once my husband is on night shifts I will do that. Even at the airport when I travel I see all these kids playing on IPads or IPhones totally disconnected from the rest of the World. So far in my travels the craziest kids playground was in Chicago. IT WAS HUGE!!! It would be amazing if you could go to one of these places and you could make friends. But I don’t know what it is we are being conditioned to be introverted. We don’t want to venture to far out of our own elements. For me I am the opposite. I will talk to anybody. I usually start with a compliment. Being able to make somebody, anybody smile is the best feeling in the world. Remember that mom and her three girls and her husband in a wheel chair in Wisconsin. She beamed from ear to to ear when I said what an incredible woman she was taking such good care of her family. She looked like she was at her witts end but she smiled and so did her family as they knew what I was saying was true. That feels better than anything money can buy. I guess I need to be more like that even when it is hard to break through being a stranger and trying to ease their pain a little. I will always hate when people are sad. Maybe that is why I love my alter ego Sweet Ruby Blues, The Prairies Passionate Pin-Up on Facebook. How can as a young child your whole purpose in school for that day is to make another girl cry. To tease her relentlessly. How did she even know what ending her life meant? Now because of their ignorance on how to treat a human being the World misses out on some limitless potential. There is no way at 10 that you became into full bloom. Only by her storey being told and the prevention of a life lost too soon does she finally start to shine. Every life has a purpose and no matter how tragic so did hers. She is a reminder that we need to be more involved with our children and what their values are. Anytime our children makes fun of anybody or act out we need to have different morals and values in place.
As a adults we tend to live in toxic environments. We allow the constant negative influx of emotions come into play. If you are married there is usually some arguing, life isn’t pefect. Both husband and wife may work children are in day care. It gets hard. We live our children in the hands of others there has to be some risk. Not that the provider isn’t providing adequate care (some aren’t) but children learn from other chilrdren and all it takes is one bad egg if you understand what I mean. Then you have the single parents where kids get jostled around. They see some relationships break up non stop. Yelling, crying, crazy emotions! Trust me I WAS that girl! When I was younger I good cry for weeks about a guy. One time I didn’t eat or move for 2 weeks. My dad finally took me to the DR to get me anti-pressants. And medications. Why is there that stigma that if somebody is taking medication for depression, anxiety, bi-polar…whatever it is. Is it because somewhere in an Urban Legend we imagine the Physchos getting out of the ward and unleashing on the World. Ya I seen it too it’s called House on the Hill or something. I got attacked in the bank once by somebody who was off his bi-polar meds. That’s not his fault (well a lil bit) but we as society failed him because one he was kicked out on the streets when they close the physch ward in town and two nobody wants to be on medication to be normal. The worst thing you can call somebody is crazy when they are taking any meds. Well at least to me it is. “Don’t be crazy!” or “You’re crazy!!” Used to drive me nuts. I think more than one of us has landed in the hands of a toxic relationship. So our children saw the break-up of a marriage and now a break-up of the relationship. Seems like it makes sense where they pick up bullying too. Just saying kids are crazy little sponges. My 2 year old absorbs EVERYTHING! I have been super mindful of the conversations I have been having with my husband these days. I have been in constant pain with migraines and headaches and overall mind numbing pain for about 20 years now. They just found that three of my molars in the back bottom row are dead. It may or may not have killed the bone as well. You think that the potential of losing the bottom left of my face would cause me to panic. Strangley the reverse is happening. I am thinking maybe I have been this miserable lion with a thorn in it’s paw and I have been taking it out on my husband sub conciously. So tomorrow I am getting them removed. Then the healing hopefully can begin. I don’t care what I look like in the end. If I can be an even more loving person especially to my husband sign me up!!
I hope in time we can heal the World in small pieces. Imagine a place where we have the love of our neighbours. That no matter where we are in the World there is a loving embrace just waiting for you. Imagine our schools lit up with laughter in cheer. Where popples and wrinkle dogs and my little poney’s are still brought to school. Where we don’t care about how many likes we get on the internet because nothing compares to the actual love we feel in our hearts. I hope the World blankets this young girls family to restore her faith in the World. I hope this post reaches somebody who needs it because like I have always said, “No matter who you are, what you have been through, are going through. I value your life and I know you have potential.” Please reach out if you need we are all human sharing this beautiful time lets start living humanely we owe each other that much.

Important note: If you or a loved one is feeling distressed, please remember help is available through the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255. It provides free and confidential emotional support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also call a loved one, member of the clergy or 911.

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