Your the Example

I have always worn my heart on my sleeve and desired nothing more than just the goodness of others resonating throughout time. I believe that there had to be more good in the world than evil because good was always supposed to chase the evil away. What I just experienced in the last 24 hours was something so cold and callous I had to shut off electronics just to survive. I couldn’t let the system manipulate my senses like she intended on doing. What just happened to me is the biggest flaw in the system and it is the reason why so many refuse to conform . Why just a system that looks for human errors then hangs us out to dry. The words, “I came to make an example out of you,” curdle inside my brain.

What is the example that you hope to make here? When given the chance to believe in death or hope I chose the later and now you are telling me I went against THE expert advice? The EXPERT in question never told me that calling you was the option. In fact she had no problem collecting an additional $300 from me for medications you claim were never going to work. The assumption was made that I should be burned at the stake for taking in a chinchilla who sat in her own filth for 8 years but I am the wrong who needs to pay. You came here guns blazing and chest puffed to do what? Get me on a technicality that was never made clear? What I find appalling and disgusting is I made a call to you asking you to check on the animals in their house but here we are at 9 am parading my animals out on my driveway for all the neighbours to see. You wanted to shame me for what? Trying to give another animal hope and maybe a better life? You know what Karen, can I call you Karen. Here is what I don’t understand why is there a form in the first place that a vet will have you sign saying you are taking the animal away without extra care. You are telling me that I should have spent the $5000 for skin graphs and urinalysis when I answered an add on the internet? Never once did the vet indicate that her situation was dire and never once did they tell me calling you was a viable option. IN FACT I called you but know here we are. Yes I signed a form asking for her to be released to be but that is because I didn’t know there as another choice. If you want to make me out to be the seed of Satan I must tell you I signed the same letter in regards to my son. I am troubles feeling shame for what it is you are telling me what I have done.

When I saw this poor starve girl all I wanted was for her to have a chance. Now you are looking down your nose at me like I got off getting bit and putting lotion on her bed sores and burns. You want me to be held accountable for what was done in her short little life and if that is what it takes for you to sleep better than yes go ahead you can put all that onus on me. What I wanted was a chance for her to know of another species and to know what it felt like to be loved. I made sure she had all the amenities that her little beating heart could have possibly desired. My heart breaks when I think of her looking out of her cage into her whole new world. All I wanted was justice for my sweet Cinnamon now you are making it all about me. I sure did not now that what I was doing was wrong. That was never made clear to me. As God as my witness I would never hurt his creatures in this way that she is claiming that I did. As she turned the tables on me and tried to catch me in a lie I looked her dead in the eyes and asked her to stop I did do what she said I did but I honestly didn’t know there was a better way. I am so confused on how a Vet could not follow up with animal services if they thought an animal was in danger. I am disgusted with the follow up call from the vet saying they were happy that we were doing well.

The story that I wanted to be heard that Cinnamon Donaldson and all 656 grams of her existed. She lived in soiled conditions most of her life and had the unfortunate experience of having her sister die right beside her. Although living in the same area her and her sister never got to share the same space and were forever kept a part. She was severely malnourished and never knew the cool pleasures of a chilled marble slab, a hide, a regular ash bath or even a full belly of timothy hay. She was a fighter and tried very hard in the last week of her life but her little body was just too far gone to make any sort of full recovery. She looked at peace towards the end and I believe in the end the lotus flower was by far her favourite treat. Maybe I shouldn’t have called animal services but I needed to share her story. Chinchilla’s aren’t your average house pet and can be difficult to properly maintain. For example there were so many alarm bells that her previous owners didn’t have the proper knowledge. They gave me a bag of alfalfa which is bizarre because a Chinchilla’s diet is 90% timothy hay. There was no hide, no marble slab (essential for here in Alberta as their temperature needs to stay below 80) and the kicker. Her cage was SOAKING wet. Chinchilla’s can’t dry off in time and will succumb to pneumonia. What a joke isn’t it? The lady who had the chinchilla has NO idea any of this happened and I was made the example of because I took her home and gave her hope.

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