The Meaning of Life

Did you ever think back and think am I doing the right things? Am I living a life that when I reflect back upon will I be happy or will I be sad? Will there be those that I wish I took more time for or will I finally be happy when they are gone. As a child I remember getting mad at my mom for bringing me into this life but then I realize there must be something more for me in store so I pick myself up again and begin to try.

There will always be somebody out there who just lives and breathes to hate you. They would rather light you on fire then find another way to keep you warm. Tarnishing the reputations of those that have fallen before them all they really care about is somehow increasing their value and score. You can’t be a martyr in today’s society without truly giving a little something something back. It isn’t enough to just curl your hair and adorn a red lip, NO!! What are you doing to officially give back? Sure opportunists will find a way to pull the wool over their eyes. Monkeys do as monkeys see. Canoodling on the backs of other beings failures, I see you. Forgive me if I turn back on my heels and run.

What good comes when laughing about others or encouraging the Universe to bring on their demise. The struggle we face with our similarities is the uncertainty of death coming and we have no idea when. Robbing Peter to pay Paul we all live on borrowed time failing to do onto others as we would wish to have done onto us. I see it all the time in all the jealous ways. What we fail to become when we are human we will never come into full being when we move across to the other side. How can we? What have we done to prove our worth to Mother Nature and the humans that walk in single formation with like minds. There are those too scared to realize their truest potential here on Earth as they are tired of being brow beated and ridiculed by those who will always fail to understand. It has never been the accumulation of wealth or objects but the very fascination of what makes us human that no being can ever take away from us and change.

We are these infinite sources of light and life that has the greatest opportunity to realize our wildest dreams. Empowered by the information and knowledge of those who have passed through this timeline before us we have become numb to what their life meant to them when they were alive. We don’t care to ask or even want to know as we struggle in our own cesspool of filth that the rest of the world keeps pushing onto us. How can we stop and take a look around when we can’t even breathe. Is it just me or is our government the biggest ring of organized crime we have ever seen. They are untouchable in everything that they do. They still constantly from the poor to fund their own family trips. Didn’t our fearless leader take his family to the Great Wall of China when the beginnings of the Residential School terrors begin to take too light? Oh your children were never returned home and endured unthinkable crimes against humans and nature all while our backs were turned and nobody even raises an eye. The things humans do to appease another. Why would so many human beings think it was ok to treat any human that appeared different in any sort of way? I am fearful for our children’s future as we are never accountable for what humans have done. It’s like if the tables were turned and it was our government’s children who received a similar fate your best believe something would be done. As a mother of a child who is anything then “normal” I fear for the way that all children in this society have been raised.

I do the things that nobody understands because I want to live my life in a certain way. My desire is to honour all life that comes before me to help them find their greatest day. Where some were abandoned I want them to know that is never my intent. I will do what needs to be done to enhance their existence and will break my back in doing so in any event. What if this was my last day and this was all that I had left? Would I live my life I little differently or am I happy and content? Sure there are dips and valleys we all need to expect those, not everyday can be all roses and buttercups but we can try. We can try our best and in doing so we will increase our own net worth. It seems strange to compare your life in such a way but you are your own greatest asset. I wish I had more answers but the truth is I have no clue. I want to. I read about the greatest lives that lived before me in the hopes that I may get an inkling or clue to my own existence. We can’t live in fear of what is to come because in doing so we could in essence make ourselves sick. At least unhappy as we always wait for that boom. That boom that tells us it is all over and that our human bodies will never move from room to room. There are moments in my head that will just never leave. Those that are soon to be parted will always carry a spot in my head and brain. To hold those close to give them comfort on the way out is all I want to do. I want them to know as they hear my heart that I am scared for them and in turn I am a little bit scared for me. Where do you go and will we ever see each other again? It doesn’t seem fair to be so close then nothing. That will be the longest day when that day finally comes. I guess that is why we never know, so we can start each day to live again.

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