Your People

The importance of finding “your” people is incredibly important and in the absence of finding your people you are always subject to having the wool pulled over your eyes. Where normal people come to laugh and play and maybe tell tales your people know where it’s at at the end of every day.

Life is tough isn’t it? Difficult to navigate? I think the problem is too many people trying to get shoved up one proverbial *ss. We all are being pushed to be somebody we don’t even care to know and failure to comply will end up being our last deed.

The way the world is intertwined it was only made to serve one class of individuals not caring too much what it is that you think you might have it in you to do. We will analyze your past and your inherent bloodline and use that and only that to determine your future worth. Why even look towards the future dependent upon your bloodline.

That’s what we are made to believe. If you are born in the dirt you should stay in the dirt having others kick you in the back so that you can feel the same. Why celebrate their victories when we can annihilate their past? Hold them forever accountable making it so that they can never pass.

When they start looking down their nose at you that is your time to run. If all you begin to here is complaints and not compliments, your time out in the sun is done. Let them push you into that cave that they are still scared to enter and marinade in everything that they they have done. Focus on not becoming as nasty as them even if all you ever feel in their presence is filth and pain.

The biggest heartbreak in my life is feeling like I have finally found my people then immediately being sold out. Watching my life shatter into a million pieces at the heart of Covid made me feel so ashamed. I didn’t understand how people I knew in life could so openly hurt me and treat me like such trash.

You want to be able to trust the people who claim to know you even though you know it is doubtful that you never can. My senses are always on high alert when I might somebody knew and it gets incredibly hard for me to stay calm.

You have to be able to still your heart and mind and then let it get filled with the energy that has been left behind and then see how you feel. Does your heart race with discontent or are you able to find the tranquility inside of that room? Be still Kitten and listen to your heart. Why wait for months to expire in the space around when you can just take a moment to truly see how you feel.

Your people would never imagine hurting you in fact they will make a mess of anybody else that tries to hurt you. I am shy around those that don’t know me because I have to get my wits about me before I decide on what to say. I think I have mastered the art of trying to befriend the master manipulator that I don’t care to do so anymore to this day.

You can always spot the one who is control of it all. The one who is the puppet master and decides on who it is that is meant to fall. They will say what they will in order to win friends over and have there say. They will twist their words and spread lies about you because for some reason this makes them feel better inside of every day.

Those people can’t be trusted and as soon as you learn of their existence you need to cut them off. Then you need to cut off all their associates like a gangrene appendage because there is nothing about you that they need to know. If you don’t do this the rumors can never stop. There will always be a source feeding into everybody’s ears and brains.

Then there is always the bully of the group that will use her position of power just to snuff you out. They will say everything that they need to just so they can gain the upper hand and advantage but it will also be that brain washing that becomes your ultimate undoing.

I hate this general facade that I do what I do and I do it for my community but behind closed doors you are the one kicking up all the sand. The only bottom line you care about is the one that lines your pockets. Even if you do it in the eyes of charity there is not something quite right about the way that you are doing it and it is my believe that this mentality needs to end.

Once you experience your people and what that feels like there is no way in hell you will ever go back. Loyalty is a real feeling and emotion that courses through our veins and is that undying devotion that we have each for other that makes it so nobody can ever feel the same.

I brought a child into this world and I need to be able to trust the people I hang around with. I think this puts into question so many people and there deviate behaviour making me question who they are in this world. I saw a documentary where a mother actually said she wanted to have sex with her daughters and in my mind where does that leave us in this cruel world. When daughters can’t trust mothers because of who they are I question who it is we are all starting to become.

Your people should feel like you when the lights are off. No need to worry if you are being stolen from or even talked about. Your people may have had their spirit awoke so like you they may never feel the same.

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