Why you should want to impress your pet and not the person next to you.

Since living in this glorious world of fostering and being a furrever mom to some of the greatest pets on Earth I realized something. That age old saying “Be the person that your pet already believes you to be,” is so true. Just stop what you are doing and imagine us behaving that way. What does that look like? What could that mean?
For starters if you treat your dog (or any pet for that matter) with an ounce of respect, love and loyalty they consider you there person for life. It is way more than just feeding them and giving them a roof over their head. You know what I am talking about. No matter how bad your day is there is no better feeling than when you are getting greeted like you have been gone for a week. Just entering the door you feel like a celebrity. Not to mention the happy energy that exudes when they are relieved that you are finally home.
For some of you you have become their protector their be all end all as you were the one that picked them up when they were ready to go from their mother. You taught them how to be obedient, kind and respectful of their surroundings. They look up to you and to them you are their World. You have become like a surrogate parent to them and for that they love you deeply. They don’t know if you had a bad day at work, a flat tire or a bounced cheque. All they need in their world is you.
Some of these pets come from a different background. They were abandoned or mistreated by previous owner like common trash. See at one time they loved their master full heartedly and all that they got in return was the fear of being alone in a World that has now become so huge and to what now feels like nobody wants them around. Having no place to go they rummage through trash and cause a nuisance and now instead of having a loving human companion they get yelled at a chased off the property. When finally one day they were rescued from the streets and cleaned up and cared for so very timidly they began to trust again. Your patience and perserverance has one your pet over. The pieces that were once shattered have now started to come back together and a forever bond begins to take its place. The feeling of love and respect when you take in an animal in need is out of this World. For a rescue animal sometimes their fate lies in your hands. All they ever wanted was to be loved, warm and cared for. Some of the most damaged animals will take the most work but it is those animals that will form the deepest bonds.
In other circumstances there is always the chance that your dogs was always a wild stray. If so many wild dogs out running around it was only a matter of time before more stray wild dogs begin popping up more. A wild animal can be impossible to get through. Patience is the greatest virtue when it comes to winning one over.
Finally there are the dogs that are rescued from other countries. There are countries that have high kill shelters that euthanize 100’s of dogs at a time. There will never be a way to ever save them all. The most we can do is try to control the population through spaying and neutering. Some of these dogs come from war torn countries so it will be hard to determine their demeanour.
To be loved by dog unconditionally fills your heart with so much joy. For us when we took our senior in we had no idea what would be in store. It is impossible to know what his life was like but one could always assume. He is covered in scar tissue from his face, ears, neck and chest. It was very obvious that he was quilled at some point in his life. His ears have pieces missing which make you feel like maybe he was used in one of those horrendous dog fights. His teeth are dull from years of chewing on rocks. Was he tied up to a dog house only to be used to fight? Did he starve his whole life and longed to be loved? In the grander scheme of things none of this really matters. What matters the most is the way that he looks at both me and my husband. We have only known him a few short months but to him we are his World. They way his face lights up when we enter the room is something that one has to see to believe. The only time he stops wiggling his bum and tail is when he is sleeping.
The harsh reality is we don’t know how long we will get to spend with him so we have to make it count. You could see in everything that he does that he thinks the world of us. He stays with the last person at night to see them up to bed. He rushes over when our son cries. He even sleeps on our bed…all 130 pounds of him. You can see it in his face that he is happy and loves us unconditionally. Knowing that he is so appreciative of the life that he has been given makes me even more determined to help more.
Our dog usually comes on every outting with us. He barely fits in the back seat with my son’s car seat but he insists. You can try to get out of the house without him knowing but usually the garage door tips him off. He usually likes to stick close just in case. Having him want to be everywhere that I am makes me feel more confident to. I love that he can see the good that I put into each and everyday. He is usually the first to curl up with me if I am feeling sad or having a bad day. I love the way the weight that his head has on my lap. Like an anchor it keeps me from wanting to drift away. Sitting with him makes me wish that more people would be content in the moment that occurs between owner and pet. The feeling of bliss after putting in a good day. Both on entirely different scales but both equalling the same. Each being seeing the other for the immense beauty that they are and thankful for their existence.
You can’t deny that when you are in distress your pet will always try their darndest to cheer you up. They will either try to snuggle, cuddle or get your to play but they are usually relentless till you give in. What was that movie where their mystical energy was harvested from an animal or mythical creature? Owning a pet is similiar in that way. They give us strength when we are feeling our worst and never let us mope around for too long. They will always love us unconditionally even when we seem to take out their frustrations on them. You know animals are so loyal that even after they have been saved, cared for and cleaned up they will still remember the one that abandoned them? You could pass them on the street not knowing and all of a sudden…
Maybe that is where unprovoked attacts come from. Who are we to say that an animal doesn’t remember if they were mistreated and by who. An animal is smart enough to walk hundreds of miles to find their owner who is say that maybe somehow an animal was able to obtain revenge. It could happen right? I know my brother in law left his dog for over 7 years with his roommate when he had a family and after that 7 years when they were back brought together she sill recognized him. It’s something about the way you smell that triggers that memory. Just like the smell of baking apple pie can trigger your memories of childhood so can your scent. Dogs will remember you somehow by your sent. Cats too. Cats are just not as receptive because they can hold a grudge. Abandon a cat and quite possibly they will never forgive you. We go away for only 2 to 3 days at a time and still some of our cats refuse to be in the same room as us (just kidding). The lil one Gus gets a lil bit moody but if I turn down the heat he has no choice but to cuddle.
Pay no mind to the person next to you these days because there opinion really shouldn’t matter. If you are somebody that your dog admires you are on the right track. Be kind, punctual, funny and a good belly and ear scratcher. That is all you really need to be these days. Your pet doesnt care if you are the best dressed, coolest or rich they just want to spend all of their time with you. When you consider their time here on Earth is so much smaller maybe we do owe it to them to live more like the people that they think we already are. We were kind enough to give them a home so of course we are kind to all beings. Being the King (or Queen) of your own lil kingdon comes with all of its own rewards. When I am sitting at home on a Friday night I am the coolest in my pack lol That may not mean alot to the average person but to an animal lover who knows the stories behind each and every one of my rescues…it really does mean alot.

person touching brown puppy
Photo by Helena Lopes on Pexels.com

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