Today is the Day

Today is the day. Probably one of the only days in my lifetime that I will ever come to remember and know. The matriarch of our world has passed away and life as we know it will never, ever be the same.

It starts with the way that we mourn. Did you know my Grandmother was a great woman too? She wasn’t all the things my Dad would have you believe. If you believe any of his words, then you aren’t the person here meant for me.

My husband had the funeral on. No disrespect to the Queen but I can’t observe such a day. The privilege of laying to rest my Grandmother was taken from me in a time when my Dad decided that he needed to have all of the control.

The last funeral I have ever watched was Dianna’s. Isn’t that the irony of all things we have ever dreamed. I remember when his tragedy struck in 1997 we all couldn’t help but wonder if it was something set up by our Queen.

The people mourned in similar fashion to what we would have expected in the 60’s with good ol JFK. Those beacons that serve as a light to remind us that it sure as hell can’t rain every single day. Well maybe on the outside but if I remember anything it is that nature will always find a way so that they can eventually win.

The reality that we live in is that we watch thousands upon thousands lay to rest a woman that we knew who had aged. We didn’t even lift a finger when it was Betty White and I can’t help but feel that these Earth Angels were one and the same.

What bugs me the most is watching this family on public display as they cart their mother and grandmother all over the world. She can’t rest knowing all that she left behind. I think it was looking into the face of William to fully understand how this day would feel almost suffocating to him.

I didn’t get to witness the burial of my Grandmother because my Dad wasn’t talking to me at the time. He made me chose between him and my mother and if you feel anything for the woman who carried you in your womb you know there is no possibility that you can ever turn your back.

Today is the day we lay to rest a monarch who was the focal point of all of our hopes and dreams. She was the last living entity that felt something for her people now we are left hoping that our men folk won’t wan to even out the score.

Ever watch an old man hide away his pain because the rest of the world is watching and mourning for your mom is something you just can’t do. All the blessings they have ever been bestowed upon in this lifetime was at the hands of just one who grew up to be an enigma of hope to give us a little of inkling of what this all could be for.

I can’t mourn for a Queen but I can cry for every woman this world has ever lost. For every woman that was told they would never amount to anything, whose full life ambition was to find themselves inside of a pine box. I have known some of the greatest beings that one day soon time will come and take forever away. Unless you are a royal that was born or married into monarch nobody will remember you after a thousand years or more.

This day will always be remembered simply because this will always be the day that the Queen was laid to rest. This will be the benchmark that we look to as she relinquishes her power to the offspring that she left behind here on Earth. Today will serve as the beacon to let us know just how far she had come in this life and just as far as humans that we need to go. Did she teach a King everything he needed to be successful, or did she decide to let instinct win?

The reason why we all feel weird is because we are so focused on the negative that surrounds such events that we are unable to move past anything else to let the Universe know that we are in control. The missing heartbeat of one that exclaimed to be here for the people now we can’t help but wonder what secrets maybe uncovered now that we have slammed shut this door.

We all try to live through our glory years hoping that somebody will notice us and validate our shortcoming and help us even out the score. It is impossible to think that we can accomplish any of these tasks alone. We have the Queen and her Prince to enlighten with her story and to show us what undying loyalty could truly possibly mean.

I think she was the last living example of what happens to an entity when they truly let go and live. Everything that she had done was to shine light upon her greatness and I think she accomplished that in her 70 years of reigning over us don’t you agree?

We never truly read about any drama that happened behind closed doors. It seems any drama that made her way to her family came at her son and her grandson’s living expense. I couldn’t imagine a life living under constant scrutiny or that an evil out there would be most content when they got to sit and watch you bleed.

Maybe the rest of the world acted out of kindness instead of lowering the boom on such a passionate and driven woman. Could you imagine going to war against your Grandmother? What kind of evil would need to exist to believe in settling that score.

Today is the day an angel is finally laid to rest, but I can’t help but think about all of the angels that were laid to rest before. The beautiful beings of the lives that were never privy enough to amount to anything while some were born into everything, and we will never understand the rhyme or reason or even the what for.

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