I am Weird

I think some of us are too scared to just authentically be that we quietly decide to conform into somebody else. There is a reason why it is referred to as sheep mentality and it isn’t because it is anything beneficial to the rest of the heard. One voice has to reign out the loudest in order for there to be a level of some kind of control. Who decides who is the voice of reason when in fact that voice can be the craziest of them all.

So for whatever reason me and my husband started talking about our own morality and to be honest it just kind of heightened everything for me. I think the exact discussion was that of a nuclear fall out and what would happen if a war hit our soil. It began with whomever had enough fire power would be the one to win landing the first bomb.

What we would see is an arsenal hitting our sky coming every which way trying to land on one and another’s back side. The winner is the won with the most fire power. Their arsenal would be the one we would have to brace to believe.

Isn’t this mentality incredible? I would rather watch you die then have anything in this world. I will come and take your country no matter how many women and children must die. I don’t care about the consequences all I care about is power. How can this be all we have to give when this could very well be our final hours?

We want to kill everything in our wake and reduce them all to ashes all so we can have our fill and live above the masses. That is the only thing that is to gain after all this carnage and turmoil reins supreme. There is no escaping death and taxes especially when you begin to take into consideration how you feel the other side should live.

I can’t help but feel like this was all just a rouse so we could all become incredibly distracted and the bad man can gain all of the control. Sure it seems surreal because nothing ever touches us over here but don’t you think we are overdue for some sort of fallout like the world has never seen before?

The only thing we have done over here was fight amongst each other who had the most power and the most land. We manipulated humans to live under our direct counsel and control and diminished their lives worthless just so we can watch them bleed. When will their be retribution for all the damage that has been done? Can’t we have some sort of compassion for those beings who have learned to live with dry eyes? A true coward will tell them to forget about their past and become more accountable not taking into consideration how that being truly feels.

I am that weird one in this life that if I knew of you I want to honour you. My life is only blessed when I am able to see it through another’s eyes. I don’t believe I am worthy of anything other than what others have received and I would like to share what I have in order to help others believe. Not everybody is cool, crass and demented, there are those in your generally vicinity that just want to help you catch your breath in order for you to breathe.

Why ignore the energies or the lives that have treaded on Earth before me and honour them in such a way that all others have no choice but to believe. I want to believe that when this is all over I will be reconnected with my loved ones but if you voice that opinion you get shunned and deemed crazy for all to see.

I can cry at a drop at a hat and not because I want to but because I can tune into the lifeline and feel the pain that is cursing through this Earth. I can’t believe what is done to others when we believe that nobody is looking and that includes the animals in our care and of course nature too. There is something so moronic about getting angry within the city limits when you paved paradise for them with little or no thought. I feel you. Can you feel me? I am sorry for all the ways that mankind has failed you and got some sick twisted satisfaction in watching all of you bleed.

Look at the rate at which we euthanize animals after their owners have turned their family pets in. Then they are off to get the latest, youngest model so that their family can be the best among all the school aged kids. Why do we all this to happen at alarming rates that don’t make sense. Breeders should have to pay a premium to keep on doing this because I am sick of the innocent having to pay with their lives instead of having a nice, warm loving bed.

Imagine an existence where we try to live according to he 10 commandments instead of obliterating them. I for one am not in the habit of practicing organized religion but I do have a code of ethics and values that I like to maintain and stick to one of them being those 10 Rules apparently written by God.

Now some believe that the sacred being we need to protect is the being that resides within ourselves. What that means that in order to read and act accordingly you need to read the 10 commandments and believe that the lord and saviour that your are looking for is the being you call yourself. Honour yourself and don’t let anybody speak ill of you, including yourself, and don’t idolize anybody over yourself because you are the ultimate being. Don’t curse yourself and honour family and your behaviour abiding by the law of the lands without over extending your free will. I remember my Dad saying that if you can live in between these core values you will have no problems and I for one would rebuttal citing it depends on what you believe. If you are good and you are good to all people then you should have an easier time living among humanity instead of hiding in among the shadows so that nobody could ever see.

Ten Commandments - Finding Forever

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