The Relevance of Staying Relevant

Our existence although simplistically beautifully is also intrinsically complex. Somehow throughout the passage of time we have designed a World impossible to succeed on your own merrits. The cost of living is too high. Both from a financial and a personal standpoint. There is no doubt in my mind that with the rise of taxes, the cuts to to our public sector we are going to see a rise of depression and mental health. We no longer live in a World where we care about the people. I can honestly say that I have no idea what we strive towards anymore. We talk about the importance of war and how our ancestors fought for our freedom but what if none of this was our fault. We have become hostages in our own country. Of course we are. Look what they all mighty powerful white folks before them did. The end goal has always and will always be for a few entitled families to live in blissful oblivion free to do what they so choose anytime they feel fit.

I wonder if we can ever go back to a time when the people matter. Was there ever a time that we were all just coming from the same place. That place being love. I have never come across a more selfish time then the one we live in righ now. What we have now is a popularity contest. Our government leaders are engaging in acts comparable to those carried out in high school. No political campaign should have the stance of critisizing others. When we vote for the ones who are doing this we are saying it is ok to bully and ridicule to get what you want. We don’t live in the moment anymore the farthest thing from that.We live so deep in the past that we are ready to dig up dirt from two decades ago to try and destroy somebody’s character. There should be no problems in raising the next generation to only see down the length of their own nose. Not to mention that the person casting stones is also saying that the above mentioned person is incapable of groth and change. What they are saying is that there is no room for improvement. There is no room for growth. Every minute of our existence has to be foreshadowing the future of the World. Can’t we just live in the day and try to minimize the harm we do to each other.

I wonder how many people actully know what they are fighting for and how it is going to directly impact them. There are so many horrendous events hapening in this World it is hard to know which way to look. There should be no way that anybody’s freedom should be compromised but here it is once again I live in a country where it seems the only people benefitting our the criminals. There’s the criminals who are blatant in their actions then we have those in a position of power that insist on putting the wool over our eyes and whispering sweet nothings in our ears. As creatures drawn to being seduced we feel for it hook line and sinker. What is it going to take for the World to wake up. What is exactly going on here. How is it that billions of people get to live just above mediocrity. Worst yet what about all those people who stay together with somebody who is less than satisfactory because of financial reasons. How many people are living miserable because if they did anything but they would be out on the streets. Have we ever looked if a single person could afford to live in this World. No wonder we are where we are. There is no time to pay attention to the news of the World because if we did our bills wouldn’t get paid. I am only lucky enough to have this time of self reflection and education because of my husband. He is a good man who provides for us. I am fully aware that this can change in a blink of an eye. That is why I keep myself relevant in this time of irrelevancy.

Community Involvement. There is no better way than getting involved then getting involved. There is everything you can think of to spark your passion. Sports, ladies groups, mens groups. They have it all in your community and they are always looking for extra hands. This helps me get inolved with the community while establishing deep roots to help improve on the problems we uncover together. Although our lives can only be lived in solidary we can use the bind of togetherness to help weather the storm. That is the ony solace to this fast changing World. Our ability to reach out has grown in astronomical ways. We are never too far away from our loved ones if we choose. The problem we have with that though is embarassment. We hold too much pride in ourselves to let others see that we have failed. At least that is what I tend to do. My family (as probably does yours) has this unrealistic high hope for me. But you know what. All that they really want more is genuine happiness. They don’t want to see somebody they love in constant turmoil. All we hope for is that our loved ones make it out relatively unscathed.

What makes us human is the ability to express ourselves. We have so many ways to let  our true self out but we are far too busy to entertain that idea. It is strange that for some reason we work hard all week to lose ourselves to the bottom of several bottles. Over here! I did that! I was her! I thought true happiness came from getting wasted and celebrating with friends. Then the hangover hits. My hangover started lasting for two days. The dull numbing headache. The empty wallet. The pain of wondering how you were going to come up with the rent money. Oh and the cat is out of food. Then you over here a conversation with your friends that they are sick of footing your bills. Whatever that negative onslaught of emotions is it is always intensified after you are completely depleted. The only thing left is to listen to all that negative self talk. The stuff that keeps you from truly blossoming into your own self. Just imagine this. You are a horror in life that not too many people actually care when you pass on. Now imagine these people coming into your house and going through your things. Your dead so you can’t stop them. What are they going to find? Is that the person you want to be remembered as. I just started thinking this way recently. Like if I go out today and something happens. What will my family think of the mess I left behind. I am hoping this will help me purge alot of stuff. I used to have a particular fondness to clothes. Like the memory of that day somehow lives on in that garment. I now have come to realize that I would rather live in my pretty dresses even if they get ruined. We never take ourselves seriously enough. If not seriously than we definetly don’t live in the moment. If today was your last day I am sure you would wear that fancy dress. Everything within reason I suppose but wouldn’t you rather have a great memory in it even if it gets ruined vs getting barried in it? I still have the first Pin-Up dress I ever bought. It was 5 pounds to small then so it is like 35 pounds to small now. I just can’t let it go. I know physical attachment to anything is dangerous. I just wanted my day in the sunshine with it if only just for a day. I could diet and exercise but I just feel if it is meant to be it will be. I do try to watch what I eat but I do love my sweets.

The relevancy of being relvant is in totally the way you perceive it to be. It all lays inside of you to manifest your own destiny. It is impossible to wish yourself a million dollars. What isn’t impossible is becoming happier than the person with a million dollars. There are a ton of physcial things one would change about themselves but why do you need to? You are perfect in your own image just the way you are. If your surroundings don’t reflect that then there are changes you can make. There are things you can do to make you feel more at peace. In some ways we were born to live alone. Society though prefers us to be tied to each other. It erases the desire to be Nomads from travelling from town to town. By preventing people from moving like they used to it almost works like how it does in a communist country. Our cell phones track our every move, our census records our home base, our reward points tell us what we like to buy. The only escape we have from all this irrelevant BS to our lives is found within ourselves. Then from there it is only entrusted with a small circle of individuals. Not everybody will understant this incestuous time we live in. Nobody’s thoughts are turly their own. We not only have become carbon copies of each other but now our own thoughts are being clouded as well.  The only freedom we should be worried about is the freedom we have to live our lives in the manner that we so choose. Once the dictatorship stops and the thumb begines to lift only then well we see a life filled with happiness in love. Until then we will keep fighting amongst each other until there is nothing left to fight about anymore.

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