The Seasons of Life by Jim Rohn

This is yet another book recommended to me by my Aunt. When I first was telling her about my desire to read and open up the doors to spiritual wealth and growth she immediately had 3 books in mind. With my current reading regime I like to sprinkle some positivity as well ad some elightenened thinking. It helps to take a look not only on the inside but the environmental stimulus that directly impacts or erodes who we are. Reading the motivational words of Mr Rohn is my reassurance that hard work and pain are both necessary and valuable in defining who we are and building our character.

This book will move you, hopefully to get off the couch.  It will awaken the mind and like a breath of fresh air it will have you longing for more.  There is something about the sheer poeticness of this book that will help you believing in magic and fairytales because that is what your life has become.  Think this…If you do not at least to attempt to live your best life no matter the risk you will never be remembered.  For even if you tried and failed you will be remembered for your effort.  For if there is no record of you are even an attempt of something that resembles hope do you even exist.  Thinking even further now I wonder if that is why those people in charge now make us record ever little detail about ourselves such as our birthdate, birthplace, the bare minimun etc then why strive to be anything more.  The greatest men and women of history made their presence known by doing what others believed impossible.  Think about that.  We do sit here herded like sheep. Working our butts off to have our tails taxed off never to really designed to get ahead.  You beome trapped in your own worst thinking, that loophole. Like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day (go watch it so funny but really not anything close to this book but does explain how mundane the world would become if we were destined to live the same day over and over again).

“Those who attempt to change themselves or their circumstances without severing the “mental anchors” which they’ve attached to themselves are going to make their task nearly impossible.  “Undoing” the past is difficult enough by itself, even without who, by their conversation, remarks, or attitudes keep pulling us back toward that which we’re trying to leave behind.” To truly get your brain believing you are capable of achieving great things you have to surround yourself with as many people who share in this same attitude too. If you start each and every morning on a positive note and your momentum keeps you on the upswing.  We have all been having the best days ever when ol Eeyore comes into the room getting rain everywhere.  It is hard not to get wet with the thunderclouds overhead so your mood shifts.  It is hard to control all outside noise but for those individuals who don’t share in your victories it is time to cut the chord.  You can’t make progress if you are constantly been dragged behind.  The weight that will just melt off as you transform into this new powerful way of thinking will not be your only reward.

“And it also takes effort to learn to love ourselves above all others, especially when we are so onsciously aware of our failures, doubts and tragedies.  It does not, however, take effort to fail.” You can sit and let your whole life pass you by with never trying to amount to anything more than what you were given. We become our own worst enemy and let all of our negative thoughts lash out onto others.  Our lives become miserable, unmanageable and without knowing it our attitude has become a true reflection of who we are.  I saw a preview for a show of a billionaire who is given 30 days (maybe 60) to start from scratch and make a new company into a multi million dollars company.  All he got was his truck to sleep in to keep him out of the elements.  I do not know how but HE DOES IT!!! Can you imagine what does that tell us! Our attitudes are everything. With the right mindset and determination anything is possible. Let’s think about this. Maybe there is something to the whole saying fake it to you make it right? If you project who you want to be onto the World then the Universe has no choice but to accept you for who you are.  You can do more than just dream of being somebody who is positive, smiling, loving etc Trust me. If I can change my mindset then so totally can you.  My vision board that I made in school become my blueprint for my life.  Everything that I had dreamed of happening has come true.  My husband, house, car, pets, baby, Pin-Up Contest, Sephora, Trips!! It was all there. I believed in everything would come true. And in some version or another it has happened.

My attitude was the starting point. That was a constant work in progress for me.  It was hard to see the good in me when I felt like I had nothing to offer. When you think you have nothing to offer that is what you get back. Guys with nothing to offer either. How can you attract anything better if you are down in the dirt. Finding the right guy will take a lot of work alot of sowing, weeding, watering, you name it but then all of a suddent the right seed will take place and bloom right when you least expected it. Everything kind of snowballed after that.

The Seasons of Life has split up a road map for life that if worked at consistently and honestly you will be rewarded with a bountiful harvest that will nurture you and your family for a lifetime and more. Just like as the seasons my favourite is Spring. This is wear all new ideas, beliefs, hopes, and dreams are planted. Just like when the snow melts we pick out what we want to see harvested for that upcoming season and we make plans accordingly to get to where we want to be. This is where the hard work takes place in order to catapult you forward into your dreams.  Some people are more about the easy, relaxed approach to life and not knowingly will try and get you to laze around with their aloof behaviour.  But without hard work you can not grow and without growth you only remain the same. Maybe it is time I make some effort in my life. It is never to late to enrich your soil to ensure a better harvest.  Anything that takes us closer to our goals does this.  It can be in any shape or form that makes us feel at peace like we are living our dreams.  It can be a sport, more relaxing like yoga, reading, writing, musical instruments etc It has to be something that stimulates the senses not something that turns it into mush.  Playing video games is not a skill it is just another way for mind control to try and make it so others do not try and live there dreams.  Why can’t a nobody be president one day? Anybody’s dreams are worth achieving. I believe in each and everyone of you that you can be somebody. Nobody’s destiny is to sit and be nothing.  Life does not work that way.  At times it can feel really challenging, like there is nothing worth living for.  Everybody’s life has a purpose and I refuse to believe that purpose was meant for anything less than the energy we put into something.  It has to be honest energy.  The Universe has a way of just telling a rewards accordingly.

Just like in the Summer the gardening side comes easy. Or at least that is what we begin to think.  We relax a little and wait for nature to do it’s job and don’t invest in ourselves in the way that we should be. It’s ok though we have our goals at least written done and they should at least come true now.  I am a good person and I do good things but I still do not do anything that really invests in myself. This is where continuous self love, networking, education comes in.  “The summer of life is a time to protect; it is a time for constant daily effort to guard against the busy bugs and noxious weeds.” (Pg 82) This is also where we become tested on our will to succeed. The kicking you when you are done kind of feeling. Those days where you just question your existence and damn it all anyways.  It can be death, financial difficulties, relationship troubles etc Anything that takes you away from putting in the time into your dreams and goals. We have all had that crippling break up our fights with our friends.  We can’t let those negative emotions effect us. Yes it hurts. Anything negative is going to hurt but this is where we are tested and where we have to evolve and survive. Be greatful for each and ever one of these moments of pain “for surely, the human haracter is formed not in the absence of difficult but in our response to difficulty.” (pg 83)

As you sow, so shall you reap.” (underlying message throught the book). This makes perfect sense.  How can we expect any reward if we don’t put in any effort. How can you make more money if you are doing nothing to warrant so? It is impossible to control the Universe to make it so you win a million bucks.  But what I am testing here is the theory that if you put in the effort maybe you can make a million bucks.  I am planting seeds every where I go. You see because in every new day is the chance of a new harvest if only you put in the work.  I am putting in the work.  I am travelling to places I have never been to experience new people I am destined to cross paths with.  Haha I know right! But it is for the whole idea of you can’t grow as a person if you don’t experience others that embrace the same style of life that you do.  Being around the same people chatting about the same experiences doesn’t bring in any new thoughts, ideas or passions. The same stories get recycled.  Even the same dreams so that inspired my whole Pin-up Contest Tour.  I knew that if travelling alone I had to find women that shared the same beliefs that I do.  I know that my Pin-Up sisters are safe and we always travel in numbers at a contest.  You will always be welcomed with an award winning smile and a hug when you travel to these contests.  I have done 3 out of town pageants and the girls have changed my life!! Look at me now.  I am travelling into Toronto to participate in the East Coast Pageant Styles there BUTTTTTT I have decided to enter the Miss Firecraker Pageant in Wisconsin at the end of the month!!! I know crazy eh. What a great time to read this book.  I have unknowingly been planting seeds for a while now and I am getting ready to see about my harvest.  No matter what the outcome I was never afraid to fail. In fact I have never been afraid to fail as every effort has been worth it.  I have never walked away from a pageant where I haven’t met a handful of new friends.  That is what makes life worth living, the constant strive and drive to succeed as a human. Always believe in yourself. Plant the seed and see!!!!


Photo by Gary Keay at the Vernon Cruise In pageant 2019

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