Life and It’s Hidden Meanings

Balance. One of the keys to having a blissful life is one where you have balance. Being able to acknolwedge the existence of forces that we don’t agree with allows us to gain perspective on how we see the World. it is hard for me to glorify violence evil or sadism because that is just not the person I desire to be. I don’t see the purprose to romanticize this behaviour. I would rather romanticize the art of just being human and finding the art of being able to communicate with all. The idea that maybe in time just that one small turn of the lips can be the starting point to somebody else’s storey. Well that is what drives me throughout the day. My balance comes in being able to see trough the eyes of the defeated and in time give them hope for a brighter future.

Life is beautiful. Life is hard. But life comes out the same for us all. I would rather not read about those that seem to take their good fortune for granted. The have not learned anything about the hardships of life. When your life is handed to you with a silver spoon you have the opportunity to make the greatest changes in the World but for some odd reason these people would rather hang out to their wealth then to use it to elleviate another fellow humans pain. Although greedy that is their choice to be made. Rather than be envious and jealous of the lives they have I would rather read about those whose lives actually mattered. Those lives that meant something. The lives that dared to restor balance and for no other reason than the World wasn’t ready for the White light they are gone. By White light I mean the healing power of all that is holy. Not the dark burning flames of hell.

I am not ready to buy into the idea of the flaming depths of hell or the saving grace of heaven. I am not disputing it but I have found no evidence through my reading that these two realms become our reality after it is all said and done. What I do believe and what I do feel is there has to be something. We all have the greatest gift of choice. When people choose to do bad things and hurt other people. There has to be a greater punishment then jail or imprisonment. We know that doesn’t work. We know crimes are still committed. People still get sick. Young children die for no reason at all. Our hearts are constantly in various states of being broken yet we are all given the same chances. Or do we? Life actually altough beautiful is anything but fare. There has to be something on the other side to reward those for a life well lived. The entity on the other side is something that evades me still.  As I read through the lives of those over various decades and centuries there is no mention of divinity just the message of sorrow.

Thinking about the message that comes through in every storey I wonder if somewhere, somehow the stories haven’t been rewritten. I do not dispute that Jesus walked the Earth. Of course there has to be a man to help us identify us of our sins to help save us from who we are becoming but look how that turned out. In the land where this man lived and shared his storey they are torn apart by war and unimagineable crimes. That can’t be right. For the closest descendants to have walked beside this man they would know of his existence. Yet they choose to violate every ethical code that has ever been laid before man. There is definetly an evil entity at work that has controlled us over centuries. We have accepted these tales from the past and have used these stories to control man. But in a state of mass confusion we are left more segregrated than ever before. The decision to modernize the colonies here in Canada/US was based on the most depraived and archaic practices that any of us should be ashamed of. Yet we still allow it to continue like those who walked before us were right.

Do you think we were born for war and to watch the starvation of innocent women and children? Or what about the fact that when the first inhabitants came out to the “New World” it was so lush and green. Filled with food to sustain a whole colon for a lifetime. Until they over populated and destroyed the land to ensure that the wildlife that inhabited it would never return. Does it seem realistic that we allow a whole life form to become extinct because we robbed it of it’s ability to thrive? Or does it seem more like we should have inhabited the Earth with the desire and love to share it with all that has been granted the greatest gift of all…life. Do you see yourself as a gift? Or have you allowed the ways of mainstream media rob you have that special feeling? Do you identify with yourself as only the reflection that looks back at you? It’s ok if you do. I did at one time. But then in time. Probably with age when the first wrinkles start to appear that you decide that there has to be more than looking beautiful and perfect for the longevity of your life. Imagine being those ones that constantly looks towards fillers and botox to keep your youthful appearance. The resources you spent on yourself to get you to a state that makes you at peace with yourself should have been used towards ensuring that others were actually at peace with you. I know the opinions of others shouldn’t matter. And truly they don’t. What matters though is how you make those beings feel. We should never want to engage in any interactions that would make another feel anything less than special. We have lost our ability to love a stranger because of the social norms now imposed on us.

You would think that love and gratification would be one and the same. You think that after all the centuries that have passed that we would have found a greater reason for us being. Something beyond paying taxes and dying. Something beyond just bein complacant watching the World and others pass us by. The meaning of life really has no meaning to most of us. The ones that dare live a life more extraordinary seem to be the ones that leave us far to soon. Like we can only withstand their brillance for a brief period of time before like a super nova they explode and return to their own higher power. How come it takes those leaving us to soon for us to reflect on our lives and the path that we find ourselves on. Why do we need to experience great loss or tragedy before we desire to become something more. How come we just don’t begin with the desire of amounting to more without having to suffer in the mean time. The only thing I know for sure is  is we all thrive on love. We all feel comforted in a warm embrace. I don’t mean anything about the sexual experience and instant gratification one feels. I am talking about the safety and security that one feels in the arms of beings that are exuding positivity and love. You know the sincerity of the warmth of the embrace. You can feel the passing of two postively charged ions as the feeling of warmth overcomes you. What a better World it would be for all if we were able to see life in that way.

Balance is important in everything that we do. We can’t have the sanctity of life without. Over indulgence in any one activity will be our demise. Video games, sex, narcotics, isolation, food. We are all privvy to it all. The only thing in commmon all these activities have is the continuous demise of the human spirit and the downfall of all of mankind. You have to admit that what we see now on a day to day basis isn’t the desire of any of us. We desire to live in this happy World that we all feel entitle to live. The only thing now is we have tied our happiness to the acquiring of material items. Items that will never fill the void that the human heart feels. To truly feel at peace with oneself you have to acknowledge that there will be times when life will get hard. There will be times when life will be easy. Just like in our heartbeat. There are dips. There are rises but then all of a sudden When our carbon heart begins to stop beating and our energy takes over. The only thing that registers to tell us that our carbon body has ceased and our energy has moved on is the flatline of the energy being read. It has to be flat because that energy is no longer. It isn’t dead it has just moved on. Think back for one second to science class and from the Words of Albert Einstein. Energy never stops it just changes forms. Don’t you want your energy change to be one of lightness and positivity. The alternative is being caught in a wiring of negativity doomed to circle the same outcome until one day you desire to see a change. You desire to be a change. You decide to rewrite your own destiny in order to become all that is right in the World.

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