Day 26: Say No

Think about it. How many times have you been exhausted and at your wits end and somebody else comes along asking you to do something. It could be something as simple as hey can you do this one thing for me or maybe it’s a toddler pulling on your hem. We say yes knowing full well we will be unable to meet their expectations putting at risk our other important obligations. Think of all the times you have made plans then dreaded getting ready and searched your brain for any reason to stay underneath the covers and never leave home. Even now in these desperate moments of uncertainty we are wasting away our dreams convinced that they are not worthy of having anymore. What is the point of making a wish if we are just going to dilute our energy to the point we are not only a former image of who we once were, we just exist in the shadows barely continuing to breathe. Think of the last time you had to say no and what did that signify? For me I draw the line at others treating me poorly. If you have been a constant drain whenever you are around me then definitely things need to change.

Our conscious makes us believe that if we say no and something bad happens we should be the ones to blame. Like there is some higher power out there that is controlling all the strings. Maybe there is and maybe there isn’t but for the sake of being difficult don’t we owe it to ourselves to be more open? Calm in our thoughts and grounded in our centering it is easy to feel the warm energy that wants to embrace us instead of shunning it out endlessly. Say no today and keep your sanity tomorrow why tire yourself out for somebody else’s happy ending instead of working towards your own. I am not say always do nothing. I am just suggesting to embrace in those things that make your heart feel full instead of empty. When you are on the right path and you feel like you are belong those are your people and they will sing you a song. Are we Tweedle dee and Tweedle dum along with our good intentions or can we use the value of a good saying no to pull our sanity in. Think about it. Working towards another’s dreams makes you a slave. Think of all the millions of lives sacrificed that way. Usually to feed another’s paranoia or to ensure that that ONE person’s legacy is saved and left in tact with the rest of us being reduced to ashes and then to dust. Imagine what would have happened if the tyrant’s throughout history never stood a chance. What if when the first king who was crowned the rest of us stood up and said HELL NO! We refuse to be sacrificed and ridiculed and left in the mud in order for your friends and family and the rest of us are left poor. Who decided that we needed to be led that way? I consider other origins of this domineering position of power and it seems to me that only white men in their entirety were the ones raising the stakes and the only ones playing the game. Ask a band chief what is purpose is and he will tell you to look out and care for his people. Ask a mayor or premier what they stand for and they will tell you lining their pockets and inflating their bottom line. A Toronto mayor has done just this. Capitalized on his people during tumultuous times, while people die from a disease we are yet to gain control of he has ensured himself and generations to follow that they will never have to work a day in their life at all.

So how do we know when we should be saying no out of fear of missing opportunity right in front of our eyes? What if we begin to close ourselves off out of fear of never finding anything that will ever bring us value in that immortal be it intangible way. To manifest our own destinies would indication that we have to be more aware of our own energy and those brought to the table begging for nourishment and guidance and whatever else of value you may offer them before they run away. I say no to those who have forever turned their back on me and say yes to those that I have turned my back on previously. Isn’t that funny how things like that work. You never know how good you have it till it’s gone, and that includes the annoying pestering friend you have that you can always find on your right. Those who believe in you will understand your need for taking a break. Love is a circle waiting for us to fill it full of all the right things. We are damned if we do and we are equally damned if we don’t. To those that are present taking pictures and videos of another’s man fate your luck will turn southward faster than a fat kid eating cake. There is no way I will ever believe that there isn’t the presence of good and evil. Without those two dividers our existence would never come into being. The evil that tries to capture each and single one of us with our own tortured cries feed off the lies of others, their misfortunes and bad deeds. Be mindful and weary of those you fill your circle with. Don’t allow those that would sooner see it break then strengthen the bond that awaits each person within. Our wordly existence is only here in this present time for a flee of a moment. Wouldn’t you want to live it surrounded with those who sing praises instead of slanging dirt? Sure we all return to the dirt it is only a matter of time. But why surround yourself with it endlessly when you were born to blossom and outstretch your hands. The one person who has accomplished their goal of one day ruling the world did so from saying no often without worrying about the outcome. When you are confident in your existence and where you are heading you don’t deplete your energy willy nilly you do so with full intention you do it slow and steady. We all want to build an empire but we don’t want to put in the work. For most nothing comes easy except life, death and taxes that is who most of us allowed our summary to read. I dare to outstretch my mind and dreams as far as they can span and I will do so accordingly. It isn’t a race and no one will win so use your time wisely and say no when you can.

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