The Power of Kindness

My favourite time of day will always be the morning. I love the promise that a new day brings. What lies under the blanket of darkness that only the warmth of new light can awaken again.

Maybe for me it’s different because at 7:15 am is when my house begins to come alive. I move into my spare room and begin the process of welcoming them to a new day.

The first light that comes on is my grow lights and I can’t wait to see the growth that has occurred over the blanket of night. Is their new green sprouts that needed to be tended to or have my lil sprouts grown big enough to warrant a transplant into their own pot. So far no blossoms just the promise of what is to come as their leaves begin to pop.

Of course I can’t help to glance around the room at my chinchilla’s and birds to see how they slept as I move across the room to turn on the light for my beta fish. Everything in this room lives in perfect balance and I can’t help but feel immense pride because of all my handy work.

Just imagine an existence where you are met with quiet appreciation instead of being yelled at to leave the house. This room is my sanctuary. What would you give to finally feel peace in your world? This is it for me. When emotions getting heated they are my sanity and they remind me that I do have a place in this world.

I wonder why I get so wound up trying to impress people that don’t matter. They don’t have an influence on my happiness so why do I insist on giving them all of the control. What pieces of my life I chose to share is to try and inspire and not to try and tear another to pieces when they are feeling down.

The volumes of people that there are in society makes it almost impossible to see another beings truth. Are they being honest or are they being fictitious and do you have to be cordial to an uninviting world?

I was doing it all wrong and capturing all the wrong memories what I want to remember is the love that I had in this world. All the things that make me feel alive in this moment like getting a kiss or two from a cat that unconditionally accepts me and is happiest as my companion in my lap getting petted.

If life is the one thing that matters why do we try to pervert it and distort its real meaning? All the ways that we insist on making each other feel insecure. Why? Does it make any sense. We could chose to be anybody, anybody at all but some of us will decide that it feels better to be mean. Why? This to me doesn’t make any sense. I have more than enough proof that living beings love to be loved no matter the type of species.

I think more people should practice being kind. It is amazing how something as simple as kindness can have such a monumental impact on one another’s day. Think about it. What happens when you are kind instead of toxic when you go about your day. Wouldn’t you agree that your positive energy is contagious?

It’s the same way when you find yourself around somebody who is always in a bad mood. Maybe it is your positive energy that is irritating. Being a ray of sunshine isn’t for everybody, would you even believe? Some people get so angry when you smile and it’s their anger that gets me off. Why does one insist on being so nasty taking away from others instead of trying to get along with them instead?

All these questions I am not sure that I actually know. All I can tell you is what I see happening in front of me and it starts with the life that I started with a single seed. We all started out that way. Just a tiny little cell. Imagine if you had the power inside of you to watch a seed sprout into life and thrive? Then not only does that seed reward you with it’s foliage it turns around and starts producing fruit.

Do you know what the cost is to be worthy of such a bounty? After the initial set up cost of acquiring the seeds the rest is up to you. What a seed requires is light, water, dirt and in my case a whole lot of love. This is everything that we have access too and in my mind makes the most sense.

Why spin your wheels with entities that could care less if you were even alive. At least in that room all life depends on me and that is the best feeling I have ever had in this world. Of course my son is another but he is an entity that can always talk back. He will grow into his own entity and there is no way anybody can ever deny that fact.

My animals and plants however will always have this unconditional need. We both thrive when we are together and I love every moment inside of that room. Where life and love come together we are happiest as our two worlds collide.

When the realization hit me that this is my place in the world nothing else ever made sense. I lived spinning on my heels in a disoriented state trying to find forgiveness for a life I always hated in a world that failed to make sense. Where do you go when nobody around wants you and where do you find acceptance when you believe that is all you want?

I don’t think I wanted to be accepted, maybe we all do though I am not entirely sure. All I know is I found comfort in our silence in an existence that could only be called as Heaven sent.


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