Do you realize the value in a moment? I sure do. The best ones we keep replaying in our heads. It helps us to continue on to give us strength. To see a different way of doing things. It used to be that all of my memories were so incredibly dark and depressing. Chasing the demons away at the time felt right. All it ever did was bring them back tenfold.
I remember times in my life thinkin, “Oh man, I am 25 and have nothing. But I am still young it can wait till I am 30.” Still content on changing nothing, I wasn’t collecting moments I was hoarding things, wants, needs, greed, lies. Nothing to look forward to, nothing to want to remember. Spiralling deeper and more out of control I became the darkness I never wanted to be. I guess there was never a moment that made me want to change. I just had a longing to want to be something, to do something different.
Deciding to let go of everything that I knew me to be I decided to start the way of building a new path. I started everyday with a smile and decided to just go out and live day by day. Be the best version of myself. So at 37 I was doing something I kept telling myself not to do at 25. “You don’t need to go to school you already have a degree!”. So there I was 37 going back to school with teens. That really helped me get completely out of my shell. They didn’t know anything about the old new me. I was safe to just nurture her and let her grow. Then I got my job at Sephora!! That changed everything for me. The culture, the value, this is me!! This is who I longed to be. Positive, beautiful, radiating energy I found my home.
Can you believe that the first day I started my job at Sephora I met my hubby for coffee? This guy was not my typical guy I usually went for. He had a job and not just any job a job that was legal!! He even had all his teeth, no black teeth, bonus!! He wasn’t ravaged by meth. He was also polite and had a relationship with his mom. All the checks were there. Shrugging my shoulders I decided to take a chance on this not my usual type of guy.
We created all these wonderful moments together. He used to live on an acreage with no WiFi and I even had no cell service. How very rustic. That is where we spent our first Christmas. We even went out to Bragg Creek and cut down our first Christmas Tree. I tried to take a picture of him driving his Jag down by the creek but even if I did he wouldn’t want that pic to surface lol
Naturally he moved in after 2 months. Mainly because he was working downtown and I was living downtown and it just made sense. So there we were with 4 cats living in a very small but retro apartment lol. Then I found out I was pregnat. My hubby immediately decided we had to move and so we did.
We expanded our family even before our baby was born. Each cat had such a unique personality and we had the space and a strong desire to give them the best life possible. It was a very natural transition and I will have all of their stories up on my website.
Every great moment seemed to attract even more. There were times that bad things happened to us but we had a strong central core. The craziest thing is my hubby even saw me for the person I was born to be. He saw past all the shadows and truly wanted to see me happy. What I loved about him at first is that he reminded me of my dad. He worked very hard, was a great provider, and naturally wanted the best for his family.
I want to share this whole journey with you because I want you to know that even you can have all this happen. You just need to keep building on the moments. The ones that make your heart smile. You will know when that happens. If you find yourself in a place where you can’t create these moments reach out to me. I will try and help you find one. We can build on them together. All I want is to live in a world where we can share in each others greatness and bask in the shine together. My life feels very blessed right now that is why I have the strongest desire to make a difference in all life, any life, your life. You matter to me. You could be a missing piece I have been missing too.
I plan on being very active in our community this summer. Attending markets, car shows wherever I can go to promote awareness and raise money for charitable organizations in our community. Right now I am running a 50/50 to raise funds to go towards vet bills for a lil lady Prinny who is going in for surgery on Friday. We all deserve the best chance at life and we need each other’s support to get there. Life is greatest when it is shared when we all come together as one to celebrate each others uniqueness and what makes us all great ❤

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