Choice of Opinion

I think we need to be more gentle. I think the world could benefit from beings that were more kind. It isn’t lost on me how overwhelming this experience can be but that is why I think we should look towards the more divine.

Think of this. All we had to do was come alive and exist. We didn’t have to pervert the definition of life or make other beings succumb to our will but that is what we have been doing over all these centuries.

If we didn’t like somebody or something who cares. Consider this. Since humans have walked the planet we have wiped off 5 different rhinocerous species. FIVE!! Why? They aren’t even in our direct line of domination. We took a 1 ton beast and reduced him to dust. For no reason other than we had a sick desire for their tusk. We convinced ourselves that a mans virality was tied to this horn. Imagine this mentality has they went off to hunt this mammal. Is everything a human does just for their own libido? I can’t help but wonder why we feel that is all that there is to life.

We killed for two reasons. You were either a benefit or a detriment to a class of citizens getting off. What was done to the inhabitants of land as these settlers launched their boats on these shores is horrifying. I lose sleep just imagining that anybody had to learn to survive through all that.

As a mother if you took my child I would spend my last breaths searching for you and if I learned about the crimes against him there would be no telling to the lengths of my rage. I would still feel that anger if it happened to any on of my ancestors. In fact I would have a hard time trusting anybody that were involved in that kind of tragic past and rage.

I think we are too flippant with our emotions only feeding into them when we feel lost and by then it is too late. How can we expect to keep a level head when everything is so heated it becomes almost impossible to mitigate the tension until it all becomes lost. An explosion of kinetic energy just waiting to get their baring’s in this growing cold world.

Everybody has an opinion don’t they? Citing that what happened to them makes them an expert so pay attention if you don’t want to get lost. That is why that tales were handed down to begin with to give an insight into a world without having to get involved. The boy who cried wolf was obviously a tale about a boy who told too many lies. He would tell lies probably without even knowing that he was doing it and that is what caused all of his sheep in the end to die. When the wolf finally made his presence it was easy for him to steal his flock. Nobody believed the boy when he asked for help regarding the wolf because it has been proven before that he is capable of wasting everybody’s time.

Sounds familiar right. Its a lesson we can learn in everyday life. Be careful of how you portray yourself to the outside world because there is always somebody waiting and ready to call you out. Even if they have no idea who you are they just find power in the fact that they disagree. If they can get a rise out of you and maybe some of your followers then they believe that they in fact have done a good deed.

I think that is why it is important to not take it all so personal and to finally admit to yourself that you are doing all that you can. That it is ok to keep some at a distance even though we may have come from the same woman or man. I know for me if somebody tells me to go away and mind my own business I will never make an attempt to be cordial ever again. Why waste that energy if you don’t have to. You should always keep your peace closest to home.

At times I am too scared to be authentic and to show the world who I am. I hated that feeling of not being accepted so I try to keep to myself as much as I can. I know that I am incredibly awkward and the reality is that I will probably say the wrong things. I am torn between not caring if people like me and having my heart hurt if they don’t accept me. Kind of like a tug a war in my head. One minute I am content being a nobody then my heart starts racing and I get scared that maybe I am wasting my life.

What does a wasted life even me these days because I think we have started believing all the lies. We diluted what it means to truly exist I feel and I think at times that is what is tearing me a part. There is no guarantee in life but death and taxes but why is it that we decided to make living this way? Was it a means to help us all to get a long or a means of having finite control.

At times I feel ok with how life is because we are the bi-products have our ancestors that lived here before. The issue I seem to have is all those deals that made others prosperous and wealthy could have been obtained by unlawful or unethical means so how do we even begin to start to make things right? Nobody should be able to profit over the demise of another being no matter how much time has actually passed. I believe that in life there should be events that should be washed away so that we are all given an equal chance. What is the sense of having a choice when that choice seems to have come from centuries of beings being brain washed.

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