Change the Narrative

You know what is alarming to me? The fact that humans have survived for thousands of years yet we have no desire to begin changing the narrative. What you see is not what you get and it is the lost of the innocent that will pay with their lives.

I think that we need to check when the tides started to turn and see who had the most to gain with their malicious and mean behaviour. Do you know what happens to proceeds of crime? They take everything away, including the things you had that your parents had bought you and even the things you had earned with an honest dime. So why do the ones who built this country on blood, sweat and tears, murder and rape get to keep what they had so righteously earned. According to what I believe what it means to live an honourable life these people did the furthest thing from living one so everything they had left to us on Earth should in fact get taken away.

What about their children? Who cares about their children if they would have lived their life by the 10 commandments like they preach to us all to have done. They hold a vast majority of us under a hardened rule of thumb with only the elitist among us privy enough to play. Sure where do we go? Seedy dives and backyard bars where the evil that lays dormant among us has the strength to finally come out and play.

If we have proof of another entities wrongdoing shouldn’t they have to rectify the space that we live in somehow. They spilled the blood of so many innocents and took away their possibility of ever having a healthy future too. I think they are cowards we feast among us so they can feel good that day. I don’t know where that mentality has evolved from but I think it needs to go away.

When was that seed planted that we needed the best of everything before we die? That if we don’t like the way that a conversation is going we can just end it and say our goodbyes but what makes us go back? What fills us with rage that makes it so we want to have the final say? Does that feeling of absurdity ever go away.

If somebody or something feels uneasy I keep them at arms length. Further away if possible but I some days aren’t even possible. There are those that will keep on doing what they believe they got to do not caring about the pollution they leave out into the world.

I want to change my narrative that has me believing in an entity like that. Sure I am nervous as my son enters the school world. It feels like such a huge fabrication to keep us poisoned and under control. That’s what it feels like me. An early attempt at mind manipulation so that they are easier to control when they grow old.

I was one of those. Believe everything that you ha e been told. Why wouldn’t you. It is coming from an adult’s mouth then it has to be ok. Remember when as children we were told if we needed something go find an adult? I don’t think any parent will ever utter any kind of those words now.

We can’t trust our neighbors hell we can’t even trust the Pope. I fear for the direction the world is going when so many of our elders hearts are growing so cold. If you don’t like the direction the world is going then you need to change it yourself. How? You have to get as far off the grid as one can go without running the risk of losing yourself.

It’s the worst feeling ever having to work 6 days a week 12 hour shifts just so you can make ends meet. There has to be more than to life than just waking up to go to work each day then to come home to a messy house. Where is the forgiveness in life before death comes to take it all away. It seems absurd to me we work a full life until retirement then we are found dead the next day.

What was it all for if you can’t even enjoy a second of your life? All I see around me is people showing off their pride in all their bed post notches. I grew up in a time where you were supposed to keep those facts to yourself.

Sure take pride in your life and your appearance but never share what a lady does behind closed doors. I get we need to take control of our own identity but I think there is a fine line between acting like a whore. I guess that means I am slut shaming but I don’t think so at all. I believe we should take pride in our sexual identity but be a little more coy in allowing others to lust after what they can’t see. Why does it need to all be on display like that? I can see how it is designed to help one get attention but to some of us I think we are seeing too much.

Why do we sit here in the shadows of those that were too scared to use their voice. Why do we keep on fighting these wars that were committed at a time when we weren’t present and by somebody else. We brag that we can fix EVERYTHING but we don’t want to make it right this one thing. I think it is obvious what needs to be done here because we have seen examples of this being done all over the world.

It’s funny isn’t it? Spending your whole live trying to dominate and control the world. You spend your whole life fighting for things you will never have because you can’t take material items with you when you die. I think that is what brings me peace in my heart is hoping and knowing that when we cease to exist all this torment will go away but then I am also left wondering if the good inside of us will ever have it’s day.

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